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Let's remember we are:


The Earth is an evolving sentient Being. Humans are guests on the Earth.

Humans traditionally treat the Earth as if it were not conscious. We do not act as if we are guests visiting a beautiful, generous land. We are ungrateful for the generosity of our host to house us, clothe us, feed us, keep us warm, heal us, provide us with air to breathe and water to drink.

We use Her resources without thought and expect She will provide more and certainly not retaliate. We pollute Her oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. We pollute the air. We bury our garbage, much of which will never decay, under Her skin.

We battle with each other like immature siblings, not admitting we are of one family. We fill Her atmosphere with negative thoughts of greed, jealousy, competition, hate, fear and lust.

Once a year we have "Earth Day," which most people ignore or forget to celebrate and then we go back to our ignoring ways.

We look at the mountains, canyons, rivers, lakes and oceans and assume She is through rearranging Herself, just because we now live here.

We set off nuclear devices underground and expect it will not cause repercussions. Even though scientists have proven even the movement of a butterfly's wings in one part of the atmosphere causes a reaction miles away, we continue. Duhh!

Our government, and probably others, experiment with sending low frequency waves through the oceans and expect no negative repercussions.

The volcanoes are steaming and threatening to erupt and people travel to see them, wanting to see "the action." Well, now we've seen the action! What are we going to do about it? Bury the dead in mass graves in the EARTH. Clean up the mess and expect this is the only time this is going to happen? This year and last year alone we've seen more tornadoes, fires, hurricanes and flooding than most of us have ever seen in our lifetimes, but has it changed our behavior toward the Earth?

Such an event as the recent hurricanes and this earthquake and the resultant tidal waves brings out the best in Humanity, our compassion for Human life. Momentarily, we and the media take our focus off war and put our focus on how to care. We forget to take sides and see ourselves momentarily as one species riding on the back of a Mother who has just shuddered at her children's behavior.
God gives us predictions. Predictions point out possible futures and are never absolute. Predictions are what will potentially happen if no one does anything to change the current energetic trend. We are pre-warned by predictions. This is what is likely to happen if Human's continue their current thinking and behavior patterns. We are always given a choice. As a species we have made some poor choices. We are ungrateful guests uncaring of our generous host.

We've known about the potential for these events since the time of Nostrodomus. To my knowledge many groups of light workers have for several years traveled the globe, working with Angels, The Federation, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Rays to minimize the potentially devastating consequences of these Earth changes. These efforts have minimized what could have already happened. The past few years could have been much more devastating had this intervention not been called for by caring light workers and allowed by spiritual Law. Much more could be done, if more people were awake and willing to put forth the effort.

As the Namaste group we have most recently focused our efforts and intentions on stabilizing the fault line here in Oklahoma. An earthquake near the Wichita and Arbuckle mountains would have set off the ammunition stash our government has at Ft. Sill army base. We have made several trips to continue to stabilize the New Madrid Fault Line that runs down the center of America along the Mississippi River. The Ring of Fire in the Pacific, the Juan de Fuca fault and the San Andreas fault have been our primary concerns. If this pressure, which we saw building up, had been released along the west coast or throughout the center of America, which was a very real possibility according to Spirit, it would have taken between ten and twelve million people off the planet and wrecked the economy of the World. Allowing the energy to be expressed in the ocean, while it has caused major devastation, created havoc, and released 100,000 souls; it did not do the damage it could have in a major populated economic center of the World.

We still have a little time to wake up, participate and change the potential outcome of the predictions. God has gifted us with the Rays. Each Ray has an Angel and Masters who administrate the intensity of the Ray as it comes to Earth. Because of the Universal Law of Free Will we can call forth these Rays. Because of the Universal Law of Non-Intervention the Angels, the Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy cannot help unless we ask.

Let's wake up, use what has been given to us and change the outcome to be more positive. Let's wake up to who we are as a thinking species, riding on the surface of a very generous and indulgent Mother Earth.

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