Spiritual Travel - Italy

Our trip to Italy in October 2007 was a great success.  We worked on energizing all of the artwork to create the possibility of a new creative Renaissance in this time frame, worked with the consciousness of the Pope and the Catholic Church and the Mafia.  While we were there the leader of the Italian Mafia was arrested.  A couple of weeks later 75 members of the Italian and Sicilian Mafia were arrested. 
The astronomer at the Vatican has recently published an article in the Catholic Press stating that the Vatican believes in extra terrestrial life, but that they probably wouldn’t need Jesus’ redemption, because they aren’t Human.  They suggest we should look at extra terrestrials as Universal brothers.  J

Portland, OR.

I traveled to Portland a few weeks ago to be with a group of women there who were celebrating their ten years of meditating together.  They rented a large home on the ocean and we gathered there to meditate to commune with the energy of Mother Earth.  We ask that she open fissures in the ocean floor away from land and civilization through which to release the build up of the inner Earth magma.  At that time there was a grave chance that the Juan de Fuca fault off the Pacific Northwest coast would quake and set off the volcanoes in that area.  Instead the next morning the headline of the Portland paper stated “Mysterious Fissures Open in Ocean Floor.”   We love seeing immediate confirmation that our work is making a difference.

Kauai, Hawaii

Every year at the time of the Summer Solstice, June 21 a group of us gather in Kauai at Kee beach to assist the Spiritual Hierarchy to anchor new percentages of each of the 49 Rays of energy coming from the heart of God into the Earth.  The purpose of these Rays is to give Humanity greater consciousness and authority to control possible events on the Earth.  When we began being a part of this project several years ago the percentages were incredibly small.  The progression was less than a whole number of one, like .00639.  As the years passed each year many were increased to speed up Human evolution and increased consciousness.  Last year many were increased to 100%.  At first our thinking was that that would be as high as they could go, but the next year they used the analogy of increasing the size of an object on a photocopier to more than 100% .  This year some were increased by 600, 700,900 and 1200%.  The 28th Ray – Pastel Lavender Ray of Grace, Harmony and Beauty was increased to 5000%.  Master of the 28th Ray is Lady Master Venus.  We never know how Humanity will choose to use the energies that are increased, but with this much energy coming to Earth we are hopeful for a new cultural Renaissance and an end to war.

Denver, Colorado

In December of 2005 a group of us met in Denver to energetically sow seeds of Jimson weed over the area of Rocky Flats’ contaminated soil.  We had been told by Spirit that Jimson weed thrives in contaminated soil and transmutes the contamination.  A few weeks ago I read an article in the magazine THE WEEK that the scientists and researchers at the University of Washington have hybrid two plants with enzymes from the liver of rabbits that will thrive in and transmute contamination from the soil.  Sometimes it takes longer to see the results of energy work, but I’ve been participating with the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Intergalactic Federation for 26 years and I’ve seen progress.  It seems slow, but any progress to awaken Human consciousness is worth the effort.  Group meditations and intention makes a difference.

The Earth only has three ways to transmute collected negative Human thought,  through water, wind or fire.  The preferable way is for Human’s to transmute these collected thoughts through the use of the Violet Flame of Transmutation – the Seventh Ray by calling upon the Master Saint Germain and the Angel Zadkiel.  We have the authority to call upon the 21st Ray of Climate Control – the Master Eufauchia and the Angel Josiah to orchestrate the Elementals to stop a fire, dissipate a hurricane, tornado or hail storm. 

A group of us will be gathering in Denver next week on 8-8-08 to energize the opening of the Olympic Games.  We will also be visiting places where large groups of people gather for conventions and sporting events to set up a vortex of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness in these areas so that when large groups gather there their consciousness will be expanded.  When you attend a conference, play, movie, sporting event, religious service or convention remember to claim the energy of the group, take it off planet, ask that it be transmuted by the Violet Flame and rain back down on Earth and Humanity as pure consciousness energy. 

We are relieved to hear that the possible spraying of insecticides and time –released pheromones in California, from the air, has now been banned as a result of prayers and meditation. 

I am once again writing on my life story and have finished 56 chapters.  I am continuing to write the Namaste Mystery School lessons and plan to soon rewrite the book on Universal Laws to make it ready to be published.

If you have abundance with which to support this work, we would appreciate your energetic support, prayers and contributions.  All contributions are tax deductible.

I will be available to do phone readings when I am not traveling.  Because of all rising costs it has become necessary, after 15 years, to raise the price of readings to $120.
You may book a reading time by calling 405-773-5210.  The readings are taped and last for one hour.

May you be blessed with grace,

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