We are at a critical point in the evolution of Humanity and the Earth.  The recent events that seem to have to do with the American financial picture will obviously affect all of the people of Earth.  One part of Humanity cannot be affected without it affecting all of Humanity and the Earth itself, because we are one organism.

As I see it, and, as usual, I can only give you my opinions which are based on my experiences and energetic observations, this lesson is about Humanity removing money as our god, our security and remembering that we were created in the image and energetic likeness of the Creator God of all Universes.  The energy that causes our hearts to beat is an indication that we are impulsed, powered by, this energy.  What we think affects all of Humanity and the Earth itself.  Earth is evolving and will continue to evolve with or without us.  At this point, Humans are operating more as parasites on the Earth than we are as Dominion-like, which is what we were created to be.  Dominions are a level of Angelic life.  They are caretakers.  We were created to be co-creators with the Creator of all Universes to co-create our version of heaven on Earth and to be caretakers of the Earth. 

As long as we see money as our answer and our security, the hole will get deeper and the problems will increase.  It is time for Humanity to learn the lesson of co-creation.  When Jesus came to Earth He came to be an example of what a spiritually-directed Human being is capable of becoming.  He always acknowledged that He was a vehicle sent by his Father.  He always admitted that it wasn’t He doing the miracles; that they were being performed through Him.  We are here to be conduits of the energy of God.  We are here to allow miracles to be performed through us.  We are here to co-create.

Jesus did not send Matthew out to the store with money to buy loaves and fishes.  He did not send a disciple out to the liquor store for more cases of wine.  He declared, decreed, demanded of the Universe, loaves and fishes for the masses.  The water is now wine.  It is time for us to demand of the Universe, because we are the Universe.  God sent us down here with energy to see what we would do with it.  Sometimes I think of it as we’ve each been given several cans of Play Dough and our souls are watching to see what we will make with it.  We are challenged to ask the Universe for “end results,” not how to get there.  Asking for money as a method of how to get what we desire puts an obstacle between us and the end result.  Following step by step guidance takes us to the people we are to meet and serve.  God is invested in our relationships with each other and how we interact with the people we meet.

Mass consciousness operates from limited thinking.  Most people think there are only a few ways a thing can happen.  Someone can die and we can inherit what we desire; of course we can win the lottery or a contest; we can marry a wealthy person; we can get a promotion or bonus or work many more hours of overtime; or we can win at the casino.  Noticing that God created 6000 varieties of begonia caused me to think differently, as well as some of my experiences.  If God is creative enough to create that many varieties of one species of flower, She is probably creative enough to give me more suggestions than those I’ve thought of to solve my problems. 

It is time in evolution for our desires to be written out in order that our souls have permission to assist us in our co-creation.  Be as descriptive as possible.  Don’t tell the Universe what you don’t want.  You wouldn’t go to a cafeteria and tell the person behind the counter, “I don’t want chicken, fish, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, beets, etc. etc.”  You would state what you do desire.  You wouldn’t send an order in to a catalog and say “send me a sweater” without giving the color and size and method of shipping you prefer.  Think in terms of your true heart’s desire.  Our true heart’s desire is also our soul’s desire.  Move away from the idea of what do I need, what do I want?  Move to breathing from your heart, “What is my true heart’s desire?”  We are programmed to think money is the only way a thing can happen.  There is a reason for this.  This 3D belief we’ve been taught makes us vulnerable and keeps us afraid.  Money can be stolen, burned, devalued or misrepresented.  While money is our God we will always feel vulnerable.  We will always know it can be taken away.  We will never feel peaceful.

If we are depending on the stock market, a retirement fund or a corporation to provide for us, our focus is in an unstable place.  If we are focusing on God is the Source of my supply, we know we can recreate daily what we desire.  This doesn’t mean we get to sit back and expect God to provide for us without us doing anything.  This was designed as a co-creative experiment between God and Humanity.  We must pay attention to the suggestions of our soul and move in the suggested direction one step at a time.

We have attempted to solve our problems with our intellect and our willpower, because solving problems makes us feel smart and accomplished.  Using this method of intellect and willpower we have created some astronomical problems for ourselves as a species and for the Earth.  Einstein is quoted to have said, “A problem cannot be solved at the level it was created.  One must search for an answer at a higher vibrational level to find a solution.”  That might not be a direct quote but the message is there.  We, nor our leaders, can find solutions to these problems at the vibrational level we have created them.  We can find answers, but answers are not solutions. We must ask our souls, The Spiritual Hierarchy, Angels, The Creator of all Universes for the solutions.  It is time for solutions not bandages.  When a problem is presented it is not time to create more debt, more committees, more agencies; it is time to meditate and pray for solutions.  The methods we have used - more debt, more committees, more agencies - just create additional problems.  Solutions dissolve problems, answers from committees create more chaos unless those committees are willing to meditate and pray for answers from higher vibrational planes. 

I was in a gathering recently where a discussion took place about how churches are run. One would think church people, of all people, would understand praying for answers.  It has been my experience, and the experience of the people in the group I was listening to, that there are more conflicting opinions in church committees, boards of directors and vestries than any other organizations.  This seems to be a truth considering that these conflicts usually cause splintering that causes yet another church or even another denomination to be formed.

The minister of the church I’ve been sent to recently by my soul speaks a lot about “knowing” and “asking to know.”  It is my experience that people are afraid to ask their soul for knowingness, afraid to know, because it removes their excuses. 

I was personally afraid to totally turn my life over to God, even though my life has obviously always belonged to God because I was created by God.  I never thought in these terms, that my life had always been God’s, because I was a Christian.  But once my life was in such chaos that I turned my life over to God I feared what I would be asked to do.  I was afraid God would expect me to go to Africa to be a missionary, which is what I had seen happen in the Christian Church.  Instead, God asked me; “What do you want to do?  Where do you want to be?  You will find that our life in you will closely parallel your own true desires.”  Well, for one thing, parallel is not a word I use in every day conversation, so I was pretty sure this answer was coming from somewhere other than my intellect; but I also saw it as the worst answer God could offer me at that time.  If I had known what I wanted, I would have been out there doing it.  I thought if I gave up my life that God, in some big Charleston Heston kind of voice, would tell me exactly what to do.  I would no longer have to think for myself or make choices.

It took years of me following my inner guidance for me to learn that the messages of guidance coming from the soul were not orders.  They were suggestions.  You can turn your life back over to God and be assured you still have free will.  When the solutions come they will still be suggestions.  We, as a free will species, will still need to use our intellect to apply the suggestions in a way that results in solutions.  God will not do it for us, but will do it through us, because we are God.  When a suggestion comes in knowingness we always have the right to negotiate conditions under which we can follow the suggestion.  We are and never were expected to be pawns of our souls in this game we call life.  We were sent here to be co-creators of our version of heaven on Earth.

There is a place within us that remembers we are like God, made from God.  This is why spiritual books repeatedly quote, “the answers are within you.”  To find this place of memory, of coming to Earth to practice being a co-creator with God, we must shut up.  We must be quiet.  We must listen.  It is important not to ask for guides, not to ask to see, not to ask to hear, but to ask to know from the highest vibrational part of our Oversoul with which our physical bodies can comfortably communicate.  Seeing is a lower vibrational form of spiritual energy, hearing is a higher, but still lower form of spiritual energy than knowing.  Most of us came to Earth from a place vibrationally higher than seeing and hearing.  Our souls have been waiting for us to remember and to ask to know.  Knowingness is a bit different than intuition.  Intuition is a hint, a hunch.  Knowingness is a full bodied awareness of the next single thing to do.  That doesn’t mean we will know why that is the next single thing to do, it only means we will be sure it is the next thing to be done.  Our souls will give us information on a need to know basis.  Energy shifts every moment.  Energy shifts in relation to the thought forms of every individual on Earth.  Energy can only be read in the moment, not in the future.

If you have an aura reading, a psychic or spiritual reading, or even if you read for yourself though a deck of cards or any other divination device, you are only reading the energy of the moment which can change with our next thought and with the thoughts of all of Humanity.  If you are using a pendulum, runes, a deck or cards or any other device, be aware that if you do not tell the device where you want the answers to come from they will reflect the energy in the room or your own emotions and thought forms.  Through the years of working with Spirit I have found receiving information on a need to know basis and trusting that I will know what I need to know in the moment I need to know has finally brought me a sense of peace of mind.  Knowing what to do, where to go, when to go and what to take with you, and being sure that you are willing, once you arrive, to allow your soul to say through you whatever needs to be said in the setting, brings a peace of mind that I’ve never found in any other method.

If we look at our future, if a reader looks at our future or the future of Earth and Humanity, they will see that there are a myriad of “possible” futures.  Futures are possible as they develop as a result of our thoughts, choices and emotions.  When we look at the future, if we are asking for knowingness, there will be one future that is spotlighted by the soul and if we are truly seeking spiritual growth, this future is what I refer to as the “probable future,” the one the soul is suggesting we move toward. 

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