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New Energy





A new energy will be coming to Earth March 14, 15, 16, and 17.  This energy is being gifted to us from Venus.  This energy is positive for moving us forward as a species and as a planet in evolution.  Those who are spiritually awake in more than their intellect will move quickly forward in a positive direction.  The energy will seem to affect those who are still asleep, spiritually, to their own divinity in a negative manner, in order to possibly wake them up to the truth of their divinity.

          Spirit gives the example of an ocean wave.  The energy of a wave goes down before it goes up into the cresting wave.  Depending on where a person’s consciousness is, will depend on how the energy affects their lives.  Those who have awakened spiritually to the truth of their own divinity, and written out their true heart’s desires, will be as surfers moved forward in a positive direction by the energy.  Those who have ignored their spirituality, or only intellectualized spirituality rather than to live their lives from their spiritual self, will be at the bottom of the wave; at the bottom of the ocean, so to speak. 

          Many of us remember the events that forced us into waking up.  We were in the pits.  We were at a place that the only answer was to give up, to surrender to something bigger, higher; to God.  Some people have to reach the bottom before they can agree to allow their ego, their mind, not to continue to run their lives.  All twelve-step programs are based on this principle of surrender.  My belief is that not only do we need to surrender to our higher selves, but we need to agree to allow our bodies, personalities and intellect to be used by the higher selves.  We must become co-creators with the Creators of the Universe. 

          When writing out your heart’s desires and preparing to make the best use of these energies in your own life, it is suggested that we begin the written requests with:  “I now intend, desire, claim and gratefully accept…,” and then to describe, to the best of our current knowing and ability, the desire.

          It is also suggested that at the end of each page of description, we write the affirmation:  “I now accept this, or something better, through the grace of God and to the highest good of all concerned.”  I have found that God is infinitely creative.  When I forget this and think there are only three ways my problem or desire can happen or be solved, I refer back to the fact that God has created 6000 varieties of begonias.  If She is that creative, She probably has more than three ways to help me.


          Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up control of our lives to someone else, or even to our soul.  It does mean surrendering our resistance to remembering the truth of who we are.  It does mean surrendering our need to always be intellectually “right.”  It does mean surrendering our fear, our limitations and our excuses.

          From 1979-1985, I gave up my will to God.  I gave up my husband, my home, my children, the roles and identity I played as Episcopalian, friend to my friends in Texas (their choice), my role as daughter, and my role as a banker.  I had no roles left.  I would sit and write on a legal tablet, “I AM…?”, questioning “what am I without the roles?” and not be able to figure out what to write after this.  I had no idea I was giving myself the answer.  Beyond and before all the roles we choose to play, we are first the I AM.  We are first a projection of God.  We are first soul, then a Human playing roles. 

          In 1985 when I once again gave up the rearing of my children to their father, got yet another divorce, gave up yet another house, sold the greeting card company God and I had formed and sold all of my belongings except what would fit in the car and began to travel each day to the city my guidance indicated, to find the people whose names were given to me in meditation, I felt I had surrendered every possible thing I could to God.

          I had given Him my family, my friends, my church affiliations, my source of income, my home, and my body; everything that represented security to me intellectually and emotionally.  I thought I had surrendered.

          Every year I was called upon to read for some psychic person, who, because they couldn’t really afford to have the reading, I was required to barter by letting them read for me.  I resented letting someone else read for me.  I knew my soul was capable of telling me directly anything I needed to know, but I went along with what needed to be done through me.  Inevitably, the reader would say; “Your soul says, ‘You must surrender more’.”  I would become livid.  I would rant and rave at my soul (of course, not at the person delivering the message; I just thought of them as crazy.)  J  Suffering from hubris lasts a long time in some lives.  J

          I would yell at my soul, at God, “What more could you possibly expect me to give up? I’ve given you everything.”  By the end of the year, before God had the chance to once again give me the message through some other reader, I would become crystal clear about a belief, an attitude, a judgment, a limitation that it would serve the soul for me to surrender, to give up.  And I would think, “Oh, you meant that!”

          We have so many overlays on top of the truth of who we are.  These overlays are given to us by our family, even in our naming and by the culture or state we are born into and by our gender.  They are given to us further when we go to school, choose a career, get married, go into military service, get degrees or have children.  We can even have overlays of being “survivors” of the holocaust, a war, a disease, a bombing, a storm, a marriage.  Identity with any organization, whether it is spiritual, political, athletic or economic, causes mental and ego overlays over the truth of who we are.  All the roles and all the identities must be recognized as such and surrendered or transmuted into being the soul living through us as these identities or roles.  When we agree to become soul- infused personalities, to surrender the body, mind and emotions to be controlled by the soul, we still have our free will.  We still have a right to negotiate the deal.  The surrender never happens all at one time.

          As I’ve pointed out, in my case, it involved giving up my third dimensional security and physical possessions.  This is not true for everyone.  It just happened to be the way I was going to learn the lesson of detachment and surrender.  It is possible for people to wake up by choice and to be on top of this wave of energy that is coming without having to experience the loss of everything they believe is their security.

          Everything is a choice.  We are gifted with free will as a gift from God, but even when we surrender our will to God, to the soul, the Law of Free Will still applies.  We are still allowed to negotiate when and how we will allow the souls to operate through these vehicles the souls created.  The more our lives become co-creations between the body, mind, emotions and the soul, the more we will have peace, ease, grace and joy.

          I won’t try to kid you that I don’t still get furious when I hear the admonition, “You must surrender more.”  There are beliefs, attitudes, judgments and excuses that I seem to want to hold onto; but the more I let go, the more I truly know I’m not this body, I’m not this mind. I AM more than this body, more than this mind.  I AM here to let the soul have its way with me.  That is the purpose of this body and this mind.  I AM a projection of something much more.


          We have the capacity to be very powerful, when we are connected consciously with our souls and the energy of the Universe.  In this season, in our area of the country, we have conditions for many storms to occur, including tornadoes, damaging winds and hail.  Weather all over the World is changing rapidly and we can attribute this to global warming, the fact that Earth has moved into the middle of the fourth dimension, where all Human negative thought forms are collected, or we can attribute it to huge amounts of negative thoughts being projected into or held in a certain area.
          Many conservative people who live in the midwest are not happy with certain political choices.  These collections of negative thought forms can only be dissipated by the Earth through the use of wind, fire or water or a combination of all three.  The other option is for those of us who are awake to use the powers available to us, THE RAYS, and the intention of our thoughts to “dissipate” these thought forms.  The Ray to call upon for assistance in dissipating a potential storm is the Twenty-first Ray of Climate Control.  The master of the 21st Ray is a being called the Master Eufauchia; the Angel is the Angel Josiah; the color is Opalescent Chartreuse.  Calling forth this Ray and asking for orchestration of the Elementals to “dissipate, dissipate, dissipate” these energies is the proper method.  Use the term “dissipate, dissipate, dissipate” as you watch the TV monitor showing the cloud formations. Ask that the energies be dissipated and that the activity stay up in the clouds, rather than for it to come down to Earth.  Granted, you will also be working to counteract the words of the weather people who are monitoring the storm and building additional negative energy through their enthusiasm and fear.  It seems to me, through their enthusiasm and drama, they are even inviting the storm to reach the ground.  This method is also useful when we see reports of potential hurricanes headed for shore, or grass or forest fires.  All of these are set in motion through the collection of negative Human thought forms and can be lessened or diminished through the combination of Human thought and calling forth assistance from the Elementals of fire, wind and water through the 21st Ray.

          Last week we had four tornadic storms back to back in one evening.  The only one that touched the ground in our area touched the ground one mile to the west of us. I spent the entire evening working energetically to keep them up in the air and to dissipate the energies.  Last year, using the same method, one was a few blocks away and lifted into the cloud then sat down again a few blocks behind the Namaste Center onto the highway, making its way out of town on the highway rather than in neighborhoods.  Often we are not allowed by karmic law to dissipate a storm completely, but sometimes we are allowed to dissipate a potential hurricane from hurricane status to a tropical storm before it hits land.  Many times, it is karmically necessary for a group of people living in an area to learn the importance and priority of people and relationships over possessions.   But there is much we are allowed to do to dissipate negative energy cells, so it is always best to try and to ask for the assistance of the Elementals and the 21st Ray.

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