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I love springtime; the bulbs blooming, the trees blossoming, the fresh new green growth on everything.  I seem to come alive with everything else when the new growth begins.  Since I left the Episcopal Church, I no longer practice Lent in any traditional way.  Now that I have grandchildren, Easter is more about a family meal, and hiding and hunting eggs, than attending religious services.

The first time the Master Jesus appeared in my bedroom, it was quite a shock.  His first words were, “I came, I did it and they missed it.”  Of course, being me, I asked, “Missed what?”  He replied, “It wasn’t about the crucifixion and keeping me and themselves on the cross.  It was about ascension.  It was about proving that Humans do not die and that it is possible to ascend to a realm of higher vibration.  It was about me demonstrating what Humans are capable of doing.”

In the Easter story, Jesus demonstrates that there is something within us that was there before we incarnated and remains after seeming death.  Death is not the end of life, rather the continuation of the life process.  His life, resurrection and ascension are to serve as a reminder that there is no separation between us and Spirit.  Resurrection follows crucifixion.  No life escapes this process.  The Easter story is really about an old way of being crucified so something new can be born.  This was not a once-in-a-lifetime event.  It happens over and over.  When someone experiences a divorce, the death of a partner, loses a job, or experiences a shift in external circumstance, an old identity dies so a new one can be born.  We can recognize this consciously and understand that we are daily becoming new, through our choices, and that what holds us back from recognizing and living from our true identity of embodied divinity is what we refuse to let go.  We can reinvent ourselves.  We can daily move closer and closer deliberately to the truth of who we really are.  It is not the past that determines our current experience; it is our thoughts about the past that are determining our current experience. 

Thought cannot be in the past.  If we have any thoughts moving through our mind, and we constantly do, they are right now affecting every aspect of our being, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Our present thinking is simply a sneak preview of our upcoming experiences.  If we want to get an idea of what life is going to be like, we simply have to look at what we’re thinking about right now.

It is the recognition that there is only God and all else is just an illusion that will save us from despair.  This is especially important to remember at this time in history, when there seems to be so much evidence that this is not so.  It is important to remember that Earth is in the middle of the fourth dimension.  We are no longer third dimensional.  The Earth is no longer in the third dimension, yet we are mostly still trying to live by third dimensional rules and precepts.  Whatever we are going through personally at this time I believe it is giving us an opportunity to go beyond our self-imposed limitations and boundaries.  These opportunities are calling for the highest and best within us to shine as never before.  These opportunities are there for us to ask for solutions from higher realms of energy.

We can choose to look at Jesus’ life as a model for how to resurrect from our own crucifixion experiences.  The Easter story is a reminder that no matter what seems to happen to us, it does not have to be the final word.  We can look beyond appearances and recognize that there is a divine plan unfolding.  Our task in being here is to hold on to the vision of Earth ascended into the fifth dimension and Humanity waking up to the truth of their divinity.

I believe Easter needs to be a time when we celebrate that He came to embody the Cosmic Christ Consciousness on Earth.  I believe it is a time to reinforce and remember that He is not coming back, but that we have chosen to come from the stars to also embody the Cosmic Christ Consciousness on Earth.  Even Paul (and I certainly don’t believe in much of what he said) stated “The spirit that is within Christ Jesus is within you, you too will be lifted up.” (Rom. 8:11)

Paul is quoted as saying other things through the years, which I didn’t agree with, but this one thing has stuck with me the most.  Who are we really?  What are we truly capable of?  Jesus’ message was essentially that there is a part of us that can never be endangered or destroyed and that this is our true nature.  This part of us transcends our history, Human lineage and false concept that we have accepted for ourselves.

I don’t quote the Bible often, because I am very clear about how it has been altered and mistranslated.  The King James Version quotes Jesus as saying during the crucifixion experience, “Why hast thou forsaken me?”  However, the Lamsa Bible translation suggests that the original Aramaic language does not say that.  In the Lamsa Bible, Jesus says, “It is for this purpose that I was born.”  This suggests that Jesus was fully conscious that this was the moment He had been preparing for His whole life.

Let’s make this Easter a time when we celebrate more than the life of Jesus.  Let’s celebrate the potential that Jesus represents and the knowledge that we, too, are capable of leading a life that is inspired by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.  Let’s make a commitment to spiritualize all aspects of our life.  Let’s use His example of going away to a quiet place to pray and to listen to the guidance of His Creator.  He did this as a way of life, not just in emergencies.

There is but one Presence, and that Presence is within you.  When our attention is on it, it begins to express as our life—our real life.  We all emanate that One Presence.

When we look at our World now, we see the seeming betrayals.  They are modern-day crucifixion experiences—Human’s inhumanity toward Humans, wars and rumors of war, economic breakdowns, and the challenges we face across the planet.  At times we may think it’s beyond hope and it will never get better, but it has always gotten better.

It was for this purpose that we chose to be born at this time.  God transforms our World a little at a time by means of us.  God needs us to think positively and to deliberately shine the Cosmic Christ Consciousness into all situations to make the World a better place. 

Let’s not look at Easter as just the celebration of the life of Jesus. Let’s let it remind us that we are capable of doing even greater things than He did.

Christians are waiting for Jesus to return.  The Hindi’s are waiting for Shiva.  The Buddhists are waiting for Maitreya.  Now is not the time to wait.  Now is the time to Be the Buddha, Be the Christ.

The Buddha energy returns to Earth full force once a year at the time of the first full moon in Taurus, which I think this year will be May 9th.  This date is called Wesak.  The meditation for joining etherically with the Spiritual Hierarchy in the Himalayas for this amazing celebration is given in the Namaste Mystery School Lesson 62 or in Carol Parrish’s book called RITUALS.  You can obtain this lesson by sending $12.00 to Namaste with your request or by purchasing Carol’s book from or by contacting Sparrow Hawk Village in Tahlequah, OK.


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