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 The trip to Kauai went well. Did lots of new paintings and worked with the Hierarchy to increase the percentage of each Ray coming to the Earth. Pretty much every Ray percentage was doubled from last year. The most impressive increase was the percentage of the 49th Ray, The Double Rainbow Ray of Harmony in Groups, which was increased to 9000%.

We had several interesting meditations while in Kauai. In one, we were taken to mines in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Arkansas. In each mine on our left, within the wall, would be a large vein of gold and a large vein of silver. Our guide would point and mention, “This is the power of your past.” Then they would ask us to turn to our right, and the right wall would include a huge vein of quartz crystal. The guide would then comment, “This will be the energy of your future.” On the return trip from the mine exploration, we were taken aboard a ship and shown a very large crystal in the center of the ship in a bowl-like setting. It was explained that various colors of light would be aimed through the crystal and the calipers that held the crystal in place would put pressure on the crystal to increase the speed of the ship.

During another meditation we were taken to another planet called Emerial. The beings there were approximately our size in stature and body shape, but with large wings that were irridescent colors and resembled moth or butterfly wings. The wings also had feathers. They were very loving and totally telepathic in their communication. They took us into caves whose walls were covered with gemstones. When it was time to return to Earth, we each lay on top of one of the beings and were transported through space. As we came closer to Earth, the one who was escorting me noticed a piece of space debris that was headed for one of our satellites. She unfurled one of her antennae (they were curled up like a moth’s antenna) and aimed her antenna at the debris. The debris disappeared completely. We did several new paintings depicting the energy of these beings to the best of our ability.


Energy shifts are scheduled to happen between August 14 and the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence on August 16th. These will be positive energy shifts for Earth and for Humans. We can best prepare ourselves by drinking increased amounts of water and remaining conscious.

I do not anticipate any UFO landings during this time as I have seen mentioned by other channels. I do not invite our multi-dimensional friends to visit physically, as Humans are still a fearful, warlike species and would not be hospitable to other species. In the past few years other species from other civilizations who are benevolent towards Humans and Earth have overlighted the equestrian population, cattle, deer, bison, antelope, ostrich, large dogs, dolphins, whales and llamas. The year the Arcturians and Andromedans began to overlight the horses was the year the book and movie Horse Whisperer came out. They have chosen to help us and the Earth in this way rather than to be shot at appearing in their own form.

It is increasingly important to cease to operate empathically in favor of being consciously multi-dimensional. If you feel you are being empathic, please look on our website to download the article on this subject and begin to practice the grounding process that connects you to Earth and to the highest level of your own soul. Failure to ground ourselves and place borders around our energy fields will result in absorbing the thoughts, feelings and problems of others which puts us in physical and emotional distress.


It has been brought to my attention that wearing a necklace of turquoise around the neck or a piece dangling near the thyroid helps to strengthen the functioning of the thyroid. Those of us who are putting increased amounts of energy through our bodies would do well to realize that the energy goes through the thyroid. The thyroid controls all the other glandular systems of the body.


A group of us will be gathering in Washington, D.C., during the Columbus Day weekend to work with World conditions. If you cannot join with us physically, please put these dates on your calendar and get groups together to put energy into this work or do it in your own meditation time.


Feel free to call or email Shelagh Schopen at (425) 501-3087 or

Namasté Gathering 2009
Co-Creation with the Angelic Kingdom
Columbus Day week end - October 9-12th, 2009
Begins at 7:00pm Friday and ends at noon on Monday

Greetings friends!! Come share in this year’s adventure as we are called to work with the healing energy of the 1,000 Angels we anchored into our nation’s capitol, monuments and museums. Don’t miss this networking opportunity to work with friends while also providing healing to our nation, the earth and to humanity. We look forward to seeing you there!

All participants are responsible for their own food and lodging. A block of rooms have been reserved at the hotel under “Namasté Gathering.” You must call to reserve your room before September 9th, 2009 to be included in the special Namasté group rate.

We will begin Friday night, October 9th at 7PM, in the Montpelier conference room in the Washington Court Hotel. bj King, President of Namasté, Inc., will lead a group meditation and deliver guidance from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Saturday and Sunday, during the day, we will tour the historic sights of our nation’s capital (individually and/or in groups) and meet back in the conference room from 7-9PM for meditation. On Monday, we will meet as a group one last time from 9AM to Noon to share inspirational stories from our weekend adventures, in addition to providing time for speakers and music. bj King will close with a final world peace meditation and send us off with a message from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Washington Court Hotel
525 New Jersey Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 628-2100

LODGING RATES: $119 per night/per room (plus tax). This includes:

1-2 people in a room with a single or double bed
1-2 in a room with a king size bed

$25 for each additional person in the room. 3 people in a room with 2 double beds is $144; 4 people in a room with 2 double beds is $169.

Attendance Fee: $200 if paid before September 9th, 2009. $250 if paid after September 9th, 2009. Send checks to bj King, Namasté, Inc., P.O. Box 22174, Oklahoma City, OK 73123. Food, lodging, and tours are NOT included in this attendance fee.

Please send your payment to bj King and your name and contact information to Shelagh Schopen at (Name, address, phone(s), email, website.)


While we were in Kauai, I transferred the energies from the three people who were to go to China this year, to set off a bloodless revolution for the people of China, into the bodies of Layne Bush and Shelagh Schopen, who agreed to go to China to be available to be used to return the energies of Chairman Mao to Earth to assist the people of China and Tibet. The original three people who were born with this energy could not make the trip. When Layne returned to Colorado from Kauai, she attended her high school reunion and connected with a man who wanted to go to Shanghai for the eclipse and wanted her to join him as his guest. She agreed to go and he agreed to continue with her on to Beijing as the work was to be anchored from Tiananmen Square.

Thursday, July 23 at 9:45 p.m. Oklahoma time I tuned in to the vortex in the square to check that the vortex was stable before the Hierarchy dropped what looked like a golden atomic bomb into the vortex at 10:09. I viewed a golden mushroom-shaped cloud appear over the square and the vibrations went out in a horizontal fashion throughout all of China, Tibet and on into Indonesia. On Sunday after this work, I saw a news bulletin that the leaders of China would be in Washington, D.C. the next day to meet with the leaders of the U.S. for the purpose of negotiating better relations between the two countries. I’m sure this meeting had been planned in advance, but I had no awareness of it. The Hierarchy apparently did and arranged for Layne to be in China in time to download the energies before the meeting was to take place. Layne later reported that she kept trying to turn the energy into white light, but with no luck - it continued to be golden. She was relieved when she returned to the States and found out that the energy that came in was truly golden.


I’ve often read for people who have abandonment issues and their soul would tell me that they had planned to come in with a twin, but that the mother’s body would not support creating two vehicles or that the second soul backed out because of extenuating circumstances within the family unit.

The soul that does come in will most often suffer from feelings of being abandoned, separation anxiety, as well as survivor guilt. This concept has been little known until recently, but is far more common than you would imagine. My chiropractor, Dr. Brent Babcock, has just published a book on the subject called MY TWIN VANISHED, DID YOURS? If you suspect you, one of your clients, or someone in your family are suffering from this syndrome I highly recommend you get a copy of the book or go to Dr. Babcock’s web site and check out the information further. The book is well written and can offer many answers to anyone trying to understand these feelings.

Judi and I will be in Denver August 6-15 and return to OKC on the 16th. I will not be available to do phone readings or look at email until after I return. I will offer art classes and another series of spiritual classes here at the center in September. For anyone in OKC who is interested please call to register at 405-773-5210. The spiritual classes will be on Thursday evenings from 7-9 and the art classes will be on Saturdays from 10-4.


It is recommended by our souls that we not ask for answers to our challenges. If we receive an answer, we must then use our intellect to decide how to use the information. If we ask how to fix a situation if will eventually have to be fixed again. If we ask for a solution, we can think about a glass of water (which is a solution) think of our challenge as a sugar cube, drop the sugar cube into the water and see it dissolve. Spirit says the difference between an answer, a fix and a solution is that a solution dissolves the problem, the challenge.


When we come into body it is as if we are riding in the back seat of a limo driven by our soul, or God. We are safe. We keep the window down between the back seat and the front and have a continual connection to our soul. Spirit suggests that at about the age of 12-16 we decide we know everything and get our drivers license. We move into the driver’s seat, put God, or the soul, in the back seat and roll up the inside window. We only roll it down and ask for help if we get lost or get ourselves into a real mess. We think we don’t need anyone else’s opinions about how to run our lives. It is hoped that at about the age of 40-50 we’ve made enough of a mess of the life that we remember that the body was designed for use by the sou,l or God, and that we were to co-create the life with the soul. We were to be in the observer position of the life. We give up and get in the back seat, let God or the soul drive, and we keep the window down to have a constant dialogue with the soul.

We are expected to give our opinions and write out our preferences and we are expected to listen to the soul’s suggestions and to follow the suggestions when we can. If we feel we are being guided to do something we do not feel we can do, I have learned that it behooves me to write out conditions under which I could do this for the soul. If I witness the Universe fulfilling the conditions I have stated, I know it will be possible for me to accomplish the task and that the task is of importance to the soul. If we listen and follow our intuition, we will have the life we desire and the purpose of the soul will be fulfilled at the same time. Our life is to be a negotiation between our desires and the soul’s mission.

Some of the words I’ve hated are surrender, discipline, obey and frugal. For many years, my soul would say to me and say to me through other counselors, “You must surrender more.” I would become incensed. How can I possible surrender more? I’ve given my home, my family, my security, my body, my furniture and belongings. What more could the soul possibly expect of me? By the end of the year I would be aware of the next thing to surrender. It wouldn’t be a thing. It would be a fear, an erroneous belief, a doubt, a judgment, a limitation, or an anxiety. I would always think, “Oh, you meant that!”

Being disciplined has not been easy for me. I resist discipline as if it is some kind of punishment. But when I buckle down and become disciplined in one area, I can see how being more disciplined brings me more of what I desire if that is health, time or money.

The idea of obeying anyone, even God or my soul, was very difficult for me in the beginning. It felt sort of like the marriage vows. I had put off turning my life over to God because I didn’t want to have to obey. I recently saw Webster’s definition of obey which comes from the Latin prefix ‘ob’ meaning to, toward, or before - plus Audire meaning hear. So if I look at obey as listening to that which is coming toward, or that which has come before, it is something I can live with. Also, after many years, I became aware that what I was receiving from my soul, from God, were not orders; they were suggestions and that I still had my free will to argue or make conditions under which I could comply or to say “no”.

The last one, to be frugal, is still a challenge, but as I grow older I find my desires are simpler and my needs are usually fulfilled before I know I have one. I no longer feel it as a word that makes me need to deprive myself. To be frugal with our resources doesn’t mean to be stingy; it means to be thoughtful in terms of how we use our time, our resources and our energy.


Everything I write is my opinion and should be tested through your own discernment.

Bless you, Namaste, bj


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