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Everything I write is my opinion and should be tested
 through your own discernment.

          How we think about something determines our experience of it.  One person can have an experience of a failed marriage or love affair and be devastated by it.  Another person can have a similar experience and choose to see it as an experience from which they can learn what they want to experience in the future or how they want to be in the future.  How we think about a thing determines our reality.  Scientists and physicists are now proving that everything is energy and that energy reacts in relationship to Human thought and expectation. 
          What does this mean in our daily lives?  We choose how we want people to treat us by the behaviors we accept in others and by how we expect to be treated.  I’ve chosen a new outlook in the past year and it has made a difference in the way I am treated by others, especially in public situations by people who do not know me. 

My new attitude is:  Positive exceptions are always made in my favor.

          Why would I dare to expect this?  Because I AM making an effort to be my best self,  I AM treating others as I desire to be treated, I AM listening to my soul to know where to be, when to be there and what to take with me.  I AM willing to allow my soul to speak through me and to act through me.
          If I live only in a state of expectancy of good, even what looks “not good” can prove to have positive results in my life. 
          I believe we receive in our childhood a thermostat for how much abundance, intimacy, joy and pleasure we can expect in our lives.  I grew up believing that if people saw who I really was, I wouldn’t be lovable.  I spent many years as a chameleon, trying to please other people by attempting to be what I thought they expected, in order to be accepted or loved.  I had no idea who I really was.  It took years of intense searching for me to learn about the soul and to learn how to communicate with my soul in order to feel secure being who I really am.  If you, too, have this challenge, I recommend to you a book by Terry Cole-Whitaker called WHAT YOU THINK OF ME IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.  I came upon the book years after I thought I had quit living to please other people.  I read a few pages of the book and then saw how I was still working to please other people, and I would become angry with myself for continuing not to be authentic, and throw the book against the wall.  Of course, I would then pick it up and read more.  My experience was that it was difficult to catch myself being inauthentic in order to be accepted or to not cause waves in my family. 
          I would catch myself in a behavior I now see happening in many other people too.  As I began to get healthier or get happier, I would reach my “upper limit” and then would do something to sabotage myself, so that I would move back down to my comfort zone, the comfort zone of my childhood thermostat.  This sabotage would often come in the form of an accident, illness or financial mistake.  I was raised to believe women are weak and that we should not challenge ourselves physically, emotionally or mentally; that we have weak nerves.  This family thermostat gave me plenty of excuse not to thrive and not to excel.  “Don’t get your hopes up.  Don’t expect too much.  Don’t expect anyone to do anything for you for nothing.  Don’t risk being disappointed.”  Now when my body has a problem, I know it is because I need to be still and listen.  It’s not an excuse; it is a signal.
          There comes a time when it is time to give up clan, tribal, familial and societal norms and expectations and to move on out into the unknown, to move on out into the soul for acceptance and love.
          We came to inspire others, not to do it for them, not to be something for them that they can be for themselves.  We came to be examples of a new form of Human; one that goes beyond the norm, one that pushes the envelope of what previous Humans could do.
          No one is going to come to us and ask us how to suffer, how to live in lack, how to be sick.  We came to demonstrate health, abundance, success, happiness.  When people ask us “how do you do that?” we teach them the Universal Laws of manifestation through thought, desire, expectancy and gratitude.  But first we have a responsibility to demonstrate.
          The spiritual purpose of the World’s financial crisis is a signal that it is time in Human evolution to begin to directly manifest our needs and desires through thought and cooperation with the Earth.  The energy of abundance and stamina can only come from the Earth.  We are made of elements of the Earth.  When we do our energy work, it is important not just to pull down energy from above, but to ground that energy into the Earth and to pick up energy from the Earth and pull it into our bodies for stamina and abundance. 
          When I first turned my will over to God, I thought that I would be given specific instructions and would then never have to wonder or make up my own mind.  When God responded with, “What do you want to do?  Where do you want to be? You will find that My will for your life will parallel your own true desires,”  I was extremely disappointed.  The idea that I have to make up my life, that my life is to be made up from my desires, was not only a disappointment, it seemed unrealistic and impossible.  As I’ve progressed, I’ve discovered that we find out who we really are by following what we really desire.  I have learned that we are not who we think we are.  We are much more.
          We are not ordinary Human beings living in an ordinary World.  We are miracles and we are here to reach our highest potential.  Anything short of attempting to reach our highest potential will not feel right, will not feel good.
          In the Bible somewhere there is a reference to “the chosen.”  I don’t believe we are chosen.  I believe we chose.  I believe we also have to choose to be called.  We have to see ourselves as “called.”  Called to be the most amazing self we can be.  I see being called as the inspired part of ourselves, the soul, calling to us, beckoning us to go beyond the false limits of our childhood thermostats, beyond unnecessary pain, to live creative lives by expanding our natural talents.  It is time to get over our feelings of unworthiness to have cosmic collaboration.  It is always waiting for us.  I ask you to believe you have your dreams for a reason and that your soul will guide you every step of the way.

You are given your dreams for a reason.  Choose to believe you are called.  Expect assistance from your soul, but also expect to do your part.

Either everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle.
Albert Einstein

          We need to watch for ways we sabotage ourselves.  We cannot be connected to the infinitely powerful flow and also believe “the World” or “reality” can prevent our good or our expression. 
          We are always putting our faith in something.  It can be money, God, ourselves, someone else, or nothing.  We all have faith in something.  We need to watch, “Where is my faith directed today?”
          How we view the Universe, the World, reality, is extremely important.  Do you live in a benevolent Universe, a benevolent World?  Do you allow what the news commentators or the economists are saying rule your beliefs and reality?  I’m not just talking about positive thinking.  I’m talking about what do you believe is controlling your reality?  Your thoughts?  The media?  The government?  The condition of the monetary system of the World?  Where do you put your faith?

FORGIVENESS inspired by Jack Addington

          We don’t have to let old animosities stand between us and our good.  How can we let go?  By understanding.  No matter how hateful the other person may have been, we must start with understanding.  Know that each person does what they do because they believe it is the right thing to do at the moment, usually because it gets them what they want.  It may not be what you think is right; it may not be what society thinks is right; but at that moment, to them, it seems the best thing to do to get what they want.
          When you hold a resentment against anyone, you are bound to that person by a cosmic link, a real, though mental chain.  You are tied by a cosmic tie to the thing that you perceive has hurt you or the thing you hate.  You must cut all such ties, by a clear and spiritual act of forgiveness, to ever be completely free to move forward to your greatest good.   Holding resentment is like eating poison and expecting the other person to die.  It only harms you.  Usually the other person is not even feeling guilty or remorseful.
          Is there someone in your life who you find hard to forgive?  Try blessing them.  Bless the spirit of Truth within them; pray for them.  Say to yourself “The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you.  I forgive you; I bless you; I free you; I understand you and you understand me.  I release you to your highest good.”


          I have made many mistakes in the past.  To continue to have remorse and guilt over these mistakes is to continue to separate myself from God.  This is the greatest mistake of all.
          I now forgive myself for every past mistake.  All condemnation is released.  I give up every destructive feeling about the past, every feeling of separateness.  I let go of all resentment, every hate and fear.  God knows nothing about sin for He did not create it.  The Divinity within me has never been contaminated.  In truth, I have never been separated from God for a single instant.
          Divine Love as the center of my being frees me from any sense of condemnation of myself and others.  As I forgive.  I AM freely forgiven.  I AM made free and am a new creation.  I let go of the past.  I have no guilt regarding the past and no apprehension for the future.  I AM free.  And so it is.


        If you are unable to be physically with us in D.C. during the Namaste Gathering over the Columbus Day weekend, October 8 through October 12, please send your energy and prayers to the group that will be working there for World Peace and integrity for all World leaders.

Bless you, Namaste,    bj

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