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Everything I write is my opinion and should be tested
 through your own discernment.

          During the Columbus Day weekend, 26 people from the Namaste network made the physical and financial effort to meet in Washington, D.C.  Many other people in the network held the energy with us.  Our goal was to work with the 1,000 Angels assigned to D.C., the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Intergalactic Federation to build energy to send out to the Leaders of the World to improve relations, integrity and the possibility of World Peace.  Because of the Universal Law of Non-Interference, one species cannot involve themselves in the growth or life of another species unless given permission by someone within that species.  To fulfill the Universal Law of Participation, we took our bodies to D.C. and gave permission to the Angels, The Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy for intervention for integrity, truth and the Divine Plan for Earth to be acted out by the leaders of the World. 

          I never know for sure, when the Hierarchy suggests that we have our Namaste Gathering in a certain city, why the city or dates are chosen.  I always try to follow the guidance that is given about location and dates.  Once we were in D.C., we observed that 150,000 gay and lesbian people had also gathered there for the weekend to peacefully demonstrate their desire for the President to make a positive decision on the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  We had also become aware, from reading Dan Brown’s book that I reviewed last month, about the existence of 33rd degree Masons.  A couple of our group decided one morning to go across the street to the Hyatt for breakfast and found that the Hyatt was full of 33rd degree Masons gathered for their annual convention.  Thousands of people had also gathered in D.C. that weekend for a breast cancer awareness walk-a-thon and bike-a-thon.  On the mall, between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Monument, ten houses had been built displaying new green energy materials.  Thousands more people were in town to participate in this green energy event.  Acolytes from around the World were gathered there for their exposure to the city.  Given the circumstances we had an opportunity to energize thousands of people who would then take these energies back out around the Nation and in some cases around the World.

          Our prayers and meditations involved asking that the intervention include giving the leaders of the World dreams and visions that would bring them into a state of desiring World Peace more than they want war, and that the economic leaders of the World move from a position of greed to a position of caring for the Earth and Humanity.  We ask for dreams and visions for the spiritual leaders of the World to join together to pray for World peace and to focus their similarities of belief rather than their differences.  We ask for the divine intervention from the Master Muhammad to intervene in the consciousness of all Muslims of the World to accept diversity of beliefs.

          Several years ago, we were asked by the Hierarchy to travel to Ireland during the time when many bombings were happening in Ireland because of the conflicts between the Catholics and the Protestants.  Several of us went into Northern Ireland and stayed in the Belfast hotel that had been bombed the year before.  It was the day of the Orange Men parade in the street below us.  We stood in the hotel’s second story window and sent the energy of grandparent love into the Orange Men as they marched below us.  At that time, we also asked the Angels to give the two conflicting groups and their leaders dreams and visions that would stop their conflict.

          A week later, I was in an airport without something to read, which for a “read-a-holic,” is not a good thing.  Lying in the seat next to me was an abandoned copy of the Wall Street Journal.  Being desperate, I picked it up and began to read an article about the leader of the Sinn Fein being interviewed.  He described a dream he had of God coming to him and asking him if this was the World he wanted for his grandchildren.  His reply in the interview, as a result of the dream, was that he would never advocate another bombing.

          This week I watched a movie on the PBS channel about the diplomatic negotiations that ended the apartheid in South Africa.  I was encouraged to witness how one man was determined to bring these conflicted leaders together in a neutral space to actually get to know each other as people and to negotiate positive change.  We saw the Berlin Wall come down.  We saw an end to the communist Soviet stronghold over the Russian people.  We know these changes are possible.  We’ve watched Gorbachev become a spokesperson for World Peace. 

          These changes happen as a result of energy placed into the mass consciousness to change the thinking and feeling of people who are angry and afraid.  Positive changes happen as a result of prayer and asking for intervention from higher vibrational forces.  We know that a problem can never be resolved at the energetic level it was created.  We must remember to ask for assistance and remember that assistance cannot be given unless we ask for it and give permission for intervention.

          I am grateful to all those who chose to join with us physically and energetically in D.C. and to all of you who energetically and financially support the travel and work that we do.    Bless you all.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, remembering to be especially grateful for the freedoms we enjoy that are not currently available to everyone on the planet.  Our challenge is to visualize something we have never witnessed – a World without war – a World where everyone is housed, clothed, fed and cared for.   

I am thankful you are in my life.


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