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DECEMBER 31st, 2009

          Last year at this time I explained that the Karmic Board meets on the last day of our calendar year to give Humans an opportunity to present situations before the Board for possible dissipating or balancing the karma of large and small situations.  Hopefully, you will remember to do this in your meditations.  Intention is everything.  Think of a historic situation that still lingers negatively in the minds of Humanity.  Present this situation to the Karmic Board for dissipation or balance.  Usually, shortly after you mentally present the situation, you will feel or receive a number.  This number represents the percentage of karma of the situation that is allowed to be dissipated or balanced at this time.  You can also bring personal situations before the Board.  If you’ve an unresolved situation in your life, someone you have trouble forgiving, something that you consider you’ve done wrong, take it before the Board.  If the karma cannot be forgiven without an act, you can intuitively receive what to do to resolve the karma yourself.  Please spend some time with this opportunity alone and/or in groups for the benefit of Earth, Humanity and yourself.


          I told you last month that I wouldn’t be traveling again until after the first of the year, but what do I know?  During the first part of December I was notified by Spirit that they desired to have my body in the Phoenix area for a week.  I made some calls and Judi made a plane reservation for me.  As usual, I didn’t know the purpose of the trip until after I arrived.  I had never even heard of Superstition Mountain, but, while out of body one evening, I was taken by the Federation to the mountain and gave them permission to install enormous light beams that will act as a grounding station for a space station that will be brought in and installed at a later time.  Many of the people I read for and the people who came to the talk also felt they were what had drawn me to Fountain Hills, which is always a satisfying feeling; being at the right place at the right time.  I was hosted by my dear friends Hal Vaile and Marian Sears.


          We have a responsibility to use the talents we’ve been given and an opportunity to receive additional talents.  Occasionally, we will be presented with an opportunity to do something we don’t know how to do or don’t feel confident doing.  Get a manual; take a class; experiment; attempt.  Just do it!  It isn’t just an ad for Nike, it is a spiritual admonition from our souls.  We never know if we can do a thing until we’ve tried it.  When my soul suggested that I become an artist, you can’t imagine how many excuses I had that it wasn’t possible, that I had no talent, no education in art, that I needed a job that paid me a salary.  When I went to the bookstore looking for a manual for finding my life purpose, Spirit threw another book at me instead, a book on how to meditate.  The true purpose of my life was to meditate and to become a mediator between other dimensions and Earth. At the time, I could not have imagined either of these things as being my purpose or my job.

          What I’ve learned through meditation and reading the books I’ve been led to read is that the learning is never over.  Even if we aren’t students in a classroom, we are students of life.  Every opportunity we get ourselves into, through our moment to moment choices, is a learning experience.  If we learn it, we don’t have to keep repeating the lesson over and over and over with other people, other settings.  We can learn through crisis, choice or other people’s circumstances.  I now prefer choice.

          I no longer make New Year’s resolutions.  I make intentions.  Intentions  last longer than the first 30 days of my discipline.  I intend to be more organized, healthier, happier, braver, more willing to learn, more adventurous, a better listener, a better friend, to have more clarity, to be willing to be responsive to my soul’s desires, to be clear about my own needs and desires.

          I think it is important to realize we are constantly reinventing ourselves.  Every job change, relationship change, book we read, movie we see, every time we move or rearrange our homes with new furniture, have a child or a grandchild born, replace an employee, lose a child, spouse, friend or relative, get a divorce, give up a volunteer job or take one on, have a disease or live with someone who receives a challenging diagnosis or begins to lose their memory, we become different people; we change.  If we continually expect ourselves and others to be the same every day, we will suffer.

          Every day it is important to acknowledge the changes in ourselves, each other and the World.  It is hard to imagine, with all the new technology available to us, that some folks are still using rotary telephones.  It can be fearful to face using the new technologies offered us, but it can also be exciting.  Never believe you can’t learn something new.  Admittedly, I never learned to program the six VCRs I own, but God finally got the message that this technology needed some updating and gave me DVR.  J  I do acknowledge this computer can do many things I don’t know about as yet, but I’m not opposed to learning. 

          In the coming year, be open to awareness of “everyday epiphanies.”  They may come as a dream, a sudden aha, something you read, something someone tells you, something you hear on the radio or see on TV.  The most important thing is for us to be open to them.  The important thing is to stay awake.  Too many Humans are suffering from spiritual amnesia.

          It is important to “dwell in possibility.”  For a life to be lived fully demands desire and passion.  What is it that you are longing for?  Why?
We won’t change our lives or alter our circumstance overnight, not by magic, but with persistence and bravery: one tiny choice at a time, hour by our, day by day.

          What if you knew a year from today you could be living the most creative, joyous and fulfilling life you could imagine?  What would it look like, feel like?  Where would you be?  What would you be doing?  What changes would you have to make in the life you have now? 

          You possess all the inner wisdom, strength, power and creativity needed to make your dreams come true.  Learn to access your inner resources by asking yourself questions and listening to your inner answers instead of the ego’s excuses and objections.  By aligning yourself with the creative energy of the Universe, you can be the catalyst for your own change.

          We are facing 365 new days, 52 new weeks, 12 new months.  How do you choose to spend them?

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and prosperous New Year!  

 Namaste, bj

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