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Everything I write is my opinion and should be tested
 through your own discernment.

Natural Disasters and Catastrophic Events

          Many people have asked me if I knew about what was going to happen in Haiti before it happened.  The answer is “no.”  It is rare for me to be notified about the potential for disaster before it happens, unless it is the possibility of a storm that can be seen in the ocean before it reaches land.  Even then, I don’t always know about it because I don’t watch the news unless my soul asks me to turn on the TV.  My policy is to keep myself grounded and in touch with my soul and if something is my business to know or to be involved with, the soul will let me know.  I keep bubbles of protection and filters around myself in order to not be constantly affected by the thoughts and feelings of other people.  If it gets through the filters, I know it is mine to do.

          When it becomes important for me to know about an event or a potential event, the soul will have me turn on the TV or have someone call me and notify me of the event.  I am very careful to not get involved in things that are not my business.  In the event of a possible tropical storm, an ice storm or a potential blizzard, I do call upon the 21st Ray of Climate Control, the Master Eufauchia and the Angel Josiah to dissipate the storm to whatever level is karmicly correct.  If the storm, tornado, earthquake or tsunami has already happened, then my responsibility is to call forth legions of Angels to enter the area to assist the people who have been affected.  If there is loss of life, we also call forth the Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy to escort the souls who have left their bodies and to take them into the light.  Anyone can do what I do.  That is why I give you the specific information.  Don’t hesitate to use it.  Don’t leave the responsibility to someone else.  You have the authority and the right and responsibility to use it.

          Humans have a tendency to ignore the needs of others until some major event happens, then it seems our “Humanity” surfaces and we practice compassion and generosity more readily than we do on a daily basis.  This is the reason these events are allowed to happen.  They are also attracted to happen in locations where large amounts of negative energy accumulate, as it did in New Orleans.  In areas where drug trafficking is prevalent, where Human trafficking is prevalent, where crime is prevalent.

          In certain situations, where the Earth needs to release some pressure from the magma of Earth, some sensitive people will be notified before an event happens.  You may remember the story of a group of us being asked to go to the coast of Oregon a couple of years ago to do work to stop the potential of an earthquake that would have set off all the volcanoes in Oregon and Washington.  We did the work and asked the Earth to release the pressure in the bottom of the ocean far enough from civilization that no people or animals would be harmed and no tsunami would occur.  The next day, the headline of the local paper read, “Mysterious fissures opened seventy miles off the coast of Oregon on the ocean floor.”

When the bombing was going to happen in Oklahoma City, we were asked the day before in our group meditation to bring in legions of Angels into all the subdivisions of the metro area.  We had no idea why so much help would be needed until we heard the explosion.  Such events seem to bring out the best traits in Humanity.  But we would hope that Humanity can evolve to not need such events in order to pay attention to the needs of the planet and the needs of all the inhabitants of Earth.

Staying grounded, but open to our souls, twenty-four seven is what is now expected of us.  Soul communication happens through intention.  Give your soul permission to communicate with you.  Leave a quiet time in your life for the communication to happen, but begin to agree to have it turned on all the time.  The Earth and Humanity are moving faster and faster, time is collapsing, we do not have time to only be available on Sunday morning, or once a day for fifteen or twenty minutes.  It is imperative that we get brave enough to have knowingness at all times.  Knowingness about what is our business, what is ours to do.  Knowingness takes away our excuses, but it also gives us confidence that we are doing what needs to be done, doing what is our responsibility. 

Practicing some form of creativity is one of the best ways to be available to your soul.  Allowing the soul to be creative through you can be rewarding and beneficial to yourself and others.  Ask your soul for input when you have a challenge.  The soul is there to help us, not to judge us.  This life is to be a co-creative adventure.  When I first got brave enough to turn my life over to God I had no idea where that decision would lead me, but it has been the best choice I could have ever made.  Knowing that the soul will not ask anything of you that it is not prepared to help you accomplish brings confidence and peace.

We are not expected to be perfect.  We are expected to expect our best efforts of ourselves.  We are expected to ask for help from our souls.  The help may come in strange and mysterious ways.  God seems to like to operate that way.
The good news is even though I don’t experience Her as being very efficient to my form of logic, She does have a good sense of humor.  She doesn’t practice the straight line is the shortest distance between two points, because She is always most interested in the people we meet along the way and how we interact with them. 

Recently I’ve been writing about my life and as I look back at it, especially the past thirty years, I see so many synchronistic and serendipitous encounters and meetings that it all seems miraculous.  Living in a way that my intention is to co-create with my soul, and to be constantly available to be used by the soul for whatever needs to be written, painted, spoken or done, has brought great personal rewards and more peace than I’ve ever imagined.  It has brought me amazing friends and opportunities.

I strongly recommend that you begin to live with this intention and see where it takes you.

In Oklahoma City we are currently coming out of a week of blizzard-like weather.  The snow is beautiful.  We were spared the ice storm the weatherman predicted and instead given snow.  The Elementals are willing to work with us to change the weather when it is allowed and we wanted to spare the trees another ice storm.  We have been fortunate to keep our electricity.

We are to have warmer weather by the end of the week and no longer be house bound.  Being house bound is sometimes a good thing; people have a tendency to nap and do indoor chores and sometimes even play with their children when they are kept inside by the weather.  We had a blizzard at Christmas time just in time for people to stay in and rest after a month of rushing around to prepare for the holidays.  We get so busy we sometimes forget to rest appropriately and to stop long enough to listen to each other and to our souls.  Let’s make this a year when we change that habit.

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You are a unique unrepeatable miracle of God.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love,   bj

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