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Full Moon in March 30th and in April 28th
Wesak Festival May 27th Full Moon in Taurus

MARCH 20, 210 @ 12:32 P.M. CENTRAL TIME



            Tremendous amounts of creative energy are flowing to the Earth at this time due to the adjustment of the forty-nine Rays.  If we are not grounded and do not utilize this energy as it bombards our bodies we have a high probability of becoming depressed and eventually ill.  We are designed to be creators.  It is time for heaven to be created on the Earth.  We are the conduits for this energy and this intended creation.  If we ignore this calling, the energy has the potential to cause us to feel anxiety, agitation, fear and depression.  Many people, rather than learning to ground themselves energetically, attempt to ground themselves using food, sex, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and sugar.  None of these methods is strong enough to help with these feelings.  Only deliberate grounding of energy through the feet to intentionally connect ourselves to the core energy of the Earth is going to work.  We are magnetic.  The Earth is magnetic.  When we repel the energy of the Earth, we push away the potential of abundance.  Physical abundance can only come from the physical Earth.
            Refusal to use the potential creative energy causes the energy to build up in our system.  Our system becomes over loaded and unless we ground the energy or use it creatively it can affect the chemicals in our brains and cause depression.  Many people tell me, “But, I’m not creative.”  Everyone has the potential to be creative.  It is a matter of finding your right creative outlet.  We do not have to be artistic masters to practice art.  We do not have to sing perfectly to sing.  We do not have to write perfectly to write.  Writing a quick email is not the same thing energetically as hand writing a personal letter or card to someone.  Everything is energetic.  How we use, or don’t use the energies that are coming to Earth will either enhance our lives or make us anxious or ill.
            We all feel the speeding up of time.  We can all make excuses that we don’t have time to be creative.  We can’t afford not to use this energy constructively in order that it not affect us destructively.  It is easier, safer, saner and less expensive to do something creative than it is to take anti anxiety, anti depressant drugs.


            Do you have trouble focusing?  Trouble losing weight?  Have headaches the doctors can’t explain?  Feel crazy occasionally?  Get so emotional, without an obvious reason that you can’t effectively function?  Do you have unexplained depressions?  You may be suffering from being empathic.

            To be “empathic” is to consciously or unconsciously project oneself into the consciousness of another Human being, at the emotional or energetic level, in order to have sympathetic or empathic understanding of the other Human being.

            When we were born we trusted our instincts, but we were born helpless.  We knew we had needs, the need to be warm, dry, fed and reassured the body was going to be protected and cared for.  In order to figure out how to get these needs met we pushed our emotional bodies out and merged them with the people around us.  We became empathic.  At birth we have a tendency to be energetically like little amoebas.  We have unstructured borders to our energy fields.  We move our energy fields in and around the energy fields of other people in order to check out how they are feeling.  We do this instinctively in order to know how to get what we want, in order to be safe, or in order to comprehend that which is around us.  We found that if we cried someone would usually come to feed us, bathe us, put us in dry clothing and sometimes hold us, rock us, talk to us, reassure us.

            As we grew older we kept using the method of being empathic to check out our surroundings and other people so we would know how to be or behave to either get our own way, how to please other people to get positive attention, how to get our needs met or to stay safe.

            Each time we merged our emotional body with that of others we came back tainted by their emotions.  Each time is like blowing up a balloon and then letting out the air.  Our borders become less and less well defined.  Leaving our energy fields open in this way and practicing being empathic we are like walking sponges filled with other people’s feelings and opinions.  This makes it more and more difficult for us to be in control of our own emotions or to even know which emotions are ours and which belong to others.  Being empathic can easily lead to depression.  If we don’t have any conscious awareness that we are being empathic we don’t know why we feel the things we do.  Often this leads a person to shut down or to become completely unconscious of how they personally feel.  They may still pick up on the feelings of others, but not be in touch with their own feelings.
            Often a person who has been painfully empathic will become completely shut down emotionally, or they will be so open empathically that being in public is excruciating for them and they will become reclusive even to the point of agoraphobia.

            Many people remain empathic, never knowing if the pains and emotions in their bodies are theirs or belong to the people they have encountered.  They remain ignorant that they are even picking up feelings and emotions from others and believe that all this confusion and turmoil is their own. 

            We are never in control of our own feelings as long as we continue to be either consciously or unconsciously empathic.  An empathic person finds it very difficult to understand where they stop and other people begin.  They have a tendency to allow their boundaries to be invaded by other people.  They do not even understand the concept of personal boundaries.  When a person is unconsciously empathic it is difficult for them to have a good self-image.  Their self-image is controlled by the thoughts other people have about them.  They do not have a clear impression of selfhood and “others”.  When a person is unconsciously empathic the gift of being able to read other people empathically becomes more of a curse than a gift.        

            My own level of being empathic became so debilitating that going shopping was painful.  The idea of being in a crowd of people at a movie or concert was impossible.  I reached a point where when I went to the grocery store I would be come so anxiety ridden by the time I reached the rear of the store for the milk I would have to quickly leave the store often without buying anything.  I was so open energetically that I was affected by all the emotions and thought forms left in the air by other shoppers.  I learned to shop very early in the mornings after the store had been closed and cleaned, but would still have to make the trip short and only buy a few items at a time and only buy the most immediate necessities.

            I had no idea I was empathic.  I didn’t even know the word.  I only knew I was anxious, nervous and felt afraid and out of control.  I became more and more emotionally withdrawn from my family and the people who were around me on a daily basis.

            The doctor I went to prescribed Valium for my nerves.  Valium is a depressant and only helped me to sleep and to not shake visibly.  It did not shut me off from other people’s feelings.  It made me less and less aware of my own feelings and I developed a feeling of “whatever” when asked a question that required an opinion about how I felt.

            In 1982 I developed soul communication and found out that my problem was being empathic and how to solve it by using the following grounding process, which was given by Spirit.

Grounding Exercise

This exercise will take approximately two minutes each morning.  If you catch yourself behaving empathically during the day, stop and redo the process.

In a standing position, take a deep breath and focus on the soles of your feet.  As you exhale, deliberately intention beams of energy about the size of fluorescent light bulbs (or Luke Skywalker’s light saber) going from the soles of your feet into the central core energy of the Mother Earth.  (Or see yourself as a tree with roots going into the center of the Earth.)

Take another deep breath and as you exhale focus on your heart, deliberately opening your heart in love and appreciation to the Earth, to your physical body, and to your Oversoul (God, the sky, the Universal Life Force Energy, or whatever vision works for you.)

Take another deep breath and as you exhale open the crown of your head and deliberately send a beam of energy, about the size of a fluorescent light tube into the Cosmic Christ Consciousness level of your own Oversoul.  (Send the beam of energy to the Sun or to God, or whatever image works for you.)

Continuing to breathe deeply begin to swing your arms gently at your sides to and fro, back and front, as if you are pumping energy up from the Earth.  When you feel the energy begin to flow, change your focus to above your head and begin to pump energy down from your Oversoul.  As you pump, you want to also intention pumping up balloons of energy around your body.  The first balloon is white and is about 12 feet in all directions from the body, the second balloon, which is pink and inside the first, is about 8 feet in all directions from the body.  The third balloon is purple and is about four feet in all directions from the body.  The purple balloon becomes your personal energy supply, impenetrable by others.  The white and pink energy fields are excess energy, which you can afford to share with others.  Very few people eon the planet are spiritually adept enough to penetrate your personal energy field if you use this system.

This process will take about two minutes each morning and begins to create a cocoon or barrier of protection between yourself and other people and other dimensions, other than the information coming directly to you from your soul.  It removes the static.  It also protects you from astral plane interference and possible possession by astral entities. 

After using the grounding process for a while and creating the intention within myself that I no longer desired to operate empathically I was able to quit taking Valium and developed an awareness of my own feelings.  The times of depression lessened.

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Personal Health

         I have just completed my fourth year of being cancer free.  All the tests taken this week have come out clear.  Thanks for your prayers and support.  Bless you.

Have a wonderful spring,


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