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Full Moon in March 30th and in April 28th
Wesak Festival May 27th Full Moon in Taurus


There is an increasing emphasis being given in the West by esotericists to the full moon of Taurus, which usually falls in May.  The full moon in Taurus is referred to as the Festival of the Buddha.  It is the time when the Buddha energy most forcefully comes to Earth.  This emphasis, which will continue to increase for years to come, has not been brought about in order to impose recognition of the Buddha upon westerners.  There have been two main reasons why, since 1990, this effort has been made.  One was the desire on the part of the Hierarchy to bring to the attention of the public the fact of the Buddha’s and the Christ, both holding the energy of the Second Ray of Love-Power-Wisdom (the symbol of this Ray and the Christ Consciousness is the Fluer-de-Lis).  The Buddha’s (There are now three) embody the Principle of Light and because of Gautama Buddha’s illumination, Humanity was enabled to recognize Christ, Who embodies the great Principle of Love.  The point to be remembered is that light is substance, and the Gautama Buddha demonstrated the consummation of substance-matter as the medium of Light, hence His title of the “Illumined One.”  Christ embodied the underlying energy of Consciousness. 

Some of the purposes of the Wesak Festival:  Objectively links the major Eastern religion with the major Western faith in Christianity; esoterically it provides the key to the open door between Shambala, the Hierarchy and Humanity; it creates a triangular portal through which energy can come to Earth to bring recognition to the divinity of Humanity and recognition of the current Lords of Earth (Lord Maitreya Buddha and Lord Gautama Buddha and the Quan Yin Buddha) and the Spiritual Hierarchy.  These beings, whose nature is radiant love and light, send energy to Humanity in massive amounts that Humanity might begin to remember their own divinity.  Their spiritual potency has to be stepped down if Humankind is to bear the pressure of the impact of the energy these beings seek to transmit.  It is this stepping down process which takes place at the time of the full moon of Taurus.  Our participating in this ritual helps the Hierarchy to bring this energy into Humanity in a safe manner.  We should be in an attitude of service and dedication to the world and Humanity which will make us of use to the Hierarchy and the Divine Plan. 

The two Lords of Earth, the three Buddha’s now serving in this capacity, offer this energy to Earth.  The Spiritual Hierarchy and their aspirants gather together to do this ritual, which forms the funnel to bring this energy to Earth, and to step down the vibration through their intention.  Remember, no matter who you are or where you may be placed or what is the nature of your environment, no matter how isolated you may feel or apart from those who may share our spiritual vision, each of us can that day and for the period immediately prior to and following think and act in group formation, and function as a silent distributor of this force.  You can participate alone.  You do not have to do this as part of a group.  Of course, the exponential energies created by a group doing the ritual are useful, but not mandatory.  Participation does require positive intent and mental discipline.  Our goal is to make the spiritual world a dominate reality in Human consciousness.

All of the Masters of all forty-nine Rays will be present.  The Hierarchy of Masters is calling to all working initiates and disciples and to all aspirants of mental focus to cooperate as fully as they can in an intensive effort to increase the receptivity of Humanity to the new forces which can be released to perform their benevolent synthesizing work during the months of May and June.  June 21st, the time of the summer solstice, a group of us will be on Kauai where the Rays first come into the Earth.  On that day you may choose to meditate with us (at any time during that day) as the Hierarchy adjusts the percentage of each Ray coming into Earth.  We who go there commit to ground each Ray through out intention and bodies.  Last year was the first time we were asked to do the ritual three times on that day, once on the beach where the Rays first come in, once in the early morning hours and twice again at the Namaste Creativity Retreat Center there later in the day.  I see these two opportunities as major in the possibility of awakening Humanity energetically.

The Master Djwhal Khul, one of the Ascended Masters, has stated about the Wesak celebration:  “No cost is too great to pay in order to be of use to the Hierarchy at the time of the full moon in Taurus, the Wesak Festival; no price is too high in order to gain spiritual illumination which can be possible, particularly at this time.”

Wesak actually means “May” in Sanskrit and reminds us that Lord Buddha was, according to legend, born in May, became enlightened in May and died in May.  Buddha’s,  Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya and Lady Master Quan Yin, are honorifics of this Festival.

Reverend Carol E. Parrish-Harra in her great book THE BOOK OF RITUAL  ( available from The Village Bookstore, P. O. Box 1274, Tahlequah, OK 74465, 1-800-234-6485)  tells us that Lord Gautama was the Buddha, just as Jesus was the Christ, but there were other Buddha’s—referred to as the Pratyeka Buddhas, meaning “before today’s Buddha’s.”  A Buddha is one who has attained a particular level, an enlightened one who can choose to no longer embody.  She or he has been liberated from the wheel of life and death. 

She further shares,” At the Wesak Festival, Buddha and his brother, the Christ, come together to step down the available spiritual energy to the Masters and to the Human family to aid it in its goal of enlightenment.  Buddha represents wisdom, just as Christ represents love.  These two way-showers have served the East and the West, bringing the ideas of enlightenment and Christ-Consciousness to Humanity.  Christ Consciousness actually is a blending of the energies of heart and mind—or love-wisdom, as it is sometimes called.”

The Wesak Festival happens concurrently.  It happens physically and etherically.  It will happen in the Himalayas and over the Shambala over Sedona, AZ.  Since there is no such thing as time or space in the higher dimensions, this is possible even though it may be difficult for our conscious minds to grasp.  When the Buddhas appear, they will bless the water—charging it and all present with spiritual force that they too may find their way to enlightenment.  As we ingest the water at the end of the ceremony, we accept the changing and charging of our cells and the acceptance of the gifts of wisdom and love which are offered to us.

The Buddhas pass the energy of wisdom, their blessings to Humanity, to the Christ who receives the energy in the name of Humanity and in turn disburses it to all present to awaken the Mystical Christ within each Human who is attuned to the event.


We begin with salutations and after each salutation we shall together sound the OM.

Salutations to Father-Mother God.
Salutations to the Intergalactic and Galactic celestial beings.
Salutations to the Lords of the Rays and all Ascended Masters.
Salutations to all of the Angelic Realm.
Salutations to the Constellation Taurus and the blessings it brings and to the planet Venus also focusing its energies with us.
Salutations to Helios and Vesta, the Solar Lord and Lady of our Galactic Sun.
Salutations to the Spirit of the Earth, to the Lords of the World and, on this day, to the embodiments of the Buddhaic and Christ principles and to the assembled Elders of the Earth.

Please close your eyes, and let us begin preparation for the inner work by taking a deep breath.
Moving our attention inward, we prepare to become a part of the Wesak Festival, as it is now taking place physically and etherically.
We invite our bodies to relax as we again take another deep breath and begin to feel the relaxation flowing through our bodies as our minds and hearts remain alert and ready to begin.
Now lift your energy field to merge with all others participating in this event and we will deliberately join in the Festival.
Take another deep breath.  Continue to feel relaxation flowing as you picture a grassy valley with wildflowers in bloom.  A gentle breeze is blowing.
Pilgrims, the Masters and their pupils—the initiates and disciples are gathering, centering and focusing to await the presence of the Christ and the Buddhas.
Many are here and as we place ourselves among them we find the group to which we belong by the color of our robes.
We experience timelessness as we know that past, present and future are one in this sacred place.
We feel, absorb and breathe in the peace of the holy atmosphere building around us.  Become aware of the beings of Light around you and sense the love and their gratitude for your presence.
We are gathered at the northeastern end of the valley in front of the flat rock altar on which rests the crystal bowl filled with water.  An air of expectancy builds as we await the Buddhas, the Christ and Lady Quan Yin who is here to represent the Feminine Consciousness of God.
There is a breathless pause and then, as if on cue, members of the illumined begin to perform a simple and powerful ritual.  Each formation they move into as a group forms a geometric symbol. Changing from one symbol to the next appears to be timed and flows like an intricate dance.  The change into each symbol relates to the descent of the energy being stepped down to be received and utilized by the workers of light who resonate harmoniously with it.  The symbols create a channel to carry down the energies of the cosmos to the physical World.  These energies help all life to achieve expansion, initiation and liberation.
The Masters move through seven formations, each sacred in its meaning.  As they take shape we can see the streams of cosmic influence streaming down through these geometric forms.
The first form is a circle and is the symbol of wholeness, with no beginning or end and acknowledges the flow of life moving from the monadic plane to that beneath it.
Divine will is activated.  As this image is formed in your mind, feel and absorb the down flow of energy.
The second symbol is a circle with a point in the center.  The Light within awakens as the Christ aspect emerges.  Divinity begins its decent into matter. Experience that descending energy through the symbol.
The third is the circle with the even cross in the center.  Planetary divinity harmonizes with higher will.  As we infuse that symbol with our feelings and our will we attune to higher will…and in the down flow we are blessed.
The fourth formation is the triangle within a circle – the symbol of the spiritual monad working through the agencies of Light, Love and Will.
The fifth symbol is the triangle with three overlapping circles imposed on, and extending beyond the sides of, the triangle.  Our solar Angels, our higher selves and our life experiences merge.   Feel that alignment and harmony occur within your own being.
The sixth symbol formed is the six-pointed star—the signature of the initiate and our goal as disciples.  Accept the interpenetration of the triangle of Spirit and personal self.  Allow yourself to feel it deeply and completely.  Absorb into your consciousness the radiance of the six-pointed star which represents bringing Spirit into matter.
The seventh symbol is the five-pointed star.  This symbol brings the energy down to Humanity itself.  The five-pointed star represents the completed Human being ready to receive.
Each individual making up the star of Humanity is now being recharged with the Golden White Light of Love-Wisdom.  Open yourself to receive fully the Light of the Higher Worlds.
At this point the formations of the sacred symbols by the Masters in the Festival Dance ends and the celebrants once again take their seats. 
At the moment of arrival, the Buddha’s and Quan Yin appear sitting cross-legged in their robes.  They first appear as tiny specks in the sky and then become gigantic figures with brilliant auras from which emanates glorious ultramarine, then golden yellow, crimson, pure silvery white and scarlet with brilliant Rays of green and violet shooting out from these spheres of light.  The radiant Beings hover over the crystal bowl and a mantra, used only at this Festival, is intoned by the two Buddha’s and Lady Quan Yin.
This is the supreme moment of spiritual vitalization of Humanity as the energies from Shamballa, transmitted through the Buddha’s and Lady Quan Yin, are received by us as Christed Beings and as a representative of Humanity.  The water in the crystal bowl is then held up and blessed by Them, as the participants in the ceremony come forward, one at a time, to sip the water.  The ceremony ends when the Buddha’s and Lady Master Quan Yin hold up their hands in blessing as they slowly recede and are once again seen only as tiny specks in the sky.
We sense a hush over all of planetary life as the wave of energy moves out, as we reverently absorb and send out these holy energies. 

Gradually return in consciousness to your physical body as we continue with the enactment.
Accept, if you so choose, the elixir of communion with the Christ-Buddha.  In this water is the Diamond White Light of the Creator containing within it all 49 Rays of energy, all the colors, sounds and essences that feed this World and feed the Spirit and keep us together with love as the coalescing energy.”
Repeat after me or say aloud if you are doing this ritual alone: 
“I accept this elixir into my being—into my blood, into my nervous system, into all parts of my body, its cells and molecules.”
“Into all that is within all of my bodies, filling my life stream bringing me into harmony with the frequency of the Christ.”
“I accept the forgiveness of each here present and of all that has been in the past.”
“I accept the Light of resurrection and ascension within my soul and my body.”
(Let us sound the OM together three times).
Now let us turn inward and bless the World and all of Humanity, again please say after me or if you are doing this ritual alone express these words aloud:
“Love to all beings
North, South, East, West
Above and below
Love to all beings”
(Let us again sound the OM together three times)

We now invoke and accept the blessing of Lady Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, the Goddess of Mercy, to be upon us and Humanity:

May the peace of God be upon all households
May the love of God be in all hearts.
May the Light of God be in all souls.
May the wisdom of God be in all minds.
May the virtue and purity of God be in all feelings.
May the strength and vitality of God be among the members of Human households.
May the health and well-being of God manifest through bodies, the garments Humanity   wears.
May the grace of God be in all worship.
May the talents and genius of God manifest though Human senses.
May the fullness of each God-Plan manifest through all souls by the close of Earth life.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

We have sought thy blessings, O Lord, and we have received.  We will be wise stewards and worthy World servers.  We go in peace, holding the example of the Lord Buddhas, Lady Quan Yin and the Christ before us as we grow in high consciousness.  We accept the blessings of the high and holy energy.  We will nurture the Self-within and grow in the ways of Spirit.  We rejoice in our experience of the inner world..

Let us repeat the affirmation of discipleship as I repeat each line:

I AM a point of Light within the greater Light.
I AM a strand of loving energy within the stream of Love Divine.
I AM a holy point of Fire, focused with the fiery Will of God.
I AM a way by which Humans may achieve.
I AM a source of strength, enabling them to stand.
I AM a beam of light, shining upon their way.
And thus I stand.
And standing thus, resolve
And tread this way, the ways of Humans
And know the ways of God.
And thus I stand.

Let us close by speaking together the Mantra of Unification.  Please repeat after me line by line:

“The children of God are one, and I AM one with them.
  I seek to love, not hate
  I seek to serve and exact due service.
  I seek to heal, not hurt.
  Let the Soul control the outer form and life and all events.
  And bring to light the love
  Which underlies the happenings of the time.

  Let vision come and insight;
  Let the future stand revealed.
  Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
  Let love prevail.  Let all Humans love.”      


“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of Hosts.
As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be,
World and Life without end.
As above so below.
In God’s holy name have we gathered.
In the Light of a thousand suns have we gone
Forth to radiate that which we have received.”

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Namaste,     bj

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