In 1982, while meditating, I received a message from my soul.  It was one of many messages I began to receive after learning to meditate.  I meditated and wrote the information that came into my mind.  It was suggested that I read Ruth Montgomery’s books.  I went to a bookstore and found that indeed such an author did exist.  I bought all the books and read them, in the order in which she had written them.  I was fascinated and relieved to learn she had received the information for the books in the same way I had received the suggestion to read her books.  I had never heard of anyone else who communicated spiritually in this way.  I felt relief.  I, at last, had proof I was not alone and I was not crazy.

My ex-husband had attempted having me committed, because I was leaving him and because I had changed so much.  He would often say, “Your no longer the person I married.” We went to a psychologist, chosen by my husband, for what I thought was marriage counseling.  At the end of the session I was asked by the counselor,  “What is the worst case scenario you can possibly imagine happening if you go through with your plan to take your children, move to Oklahoma and marry this priest?”  I thought for a few moments and said, “He could abandon me, I could be left with no home, no spouse to support me, no job and I would have to allow my children to come back to Texas to live with their Dad.  I could be left totally alone.”

“Could you survive that?” asked the psychologist.

“Yes, I could, but I certainly don’t expect to have to.  I trust this man I’m going to marry with my life,” I replied defiantly.

The psychologist then turned to my husband and said, “Mr. King, I would have to say she is the sanest person who has ever entered my office, because she knows exactly what she wants and she is willing to live with the consequences of her choices no matter the outcome.”

I realized in his addressing my husband, and not me, that the purpose of our meeting was not for marriage counseling.  The next day, when I met with an attorney about the divorce, he informed me that by Texas law, a husband could have his wife committed if he could find three psychologists who would attest to her mental instability.  I became painfully and fearfully aware, I had been at a sanity hearing, not a marriage counseling session.
One of the later books in the Montgomery series is STRANGERS AMONG US.  It was published in New York by Fawcett Crest in 1979, the year I moved from Texas.  While I was reading page 11-12, an unusual thing happened.  My body began to vibrate and I began to weep for no obvious reason.  Through my tears I read the following:

Enlightened beings, who, after successfully completing numerous incarnations, having attained sufficient awareness of the meaning of life can forego the time-consuming process of birth and childhood, returning directly to adult bodies.

“A Walk-in is a high-minded entity who is permitted to take over the body of another human being who wishes to depart.  Since a Walk-in must never enter a body without the permission of its owner this is not to be confused with those well-publicized cases (Such as were described in THE THREE FACES OF EVE, THE EXORSIST, et al) in which multiple egos or evil spirits are vying for possession of an inhabited body.

“The motivation for a Walk-in is humanitarian.  He returns to physical being in order to help others help themselves, planting seed-concepts that will grow and flourish for the benefit of mankind.

“Some of the world’s greatest spiritual and political leaders, scientists, and philosophers in ages past are said to have been Walk-ins, but during these final decades of the twentieth century the pace has been steadily accelerating, and many more of them are entering mature physical bodies to prepare us for the shift of the Earth on its axis at the end of the century, and the New Age that is dawning.

“Not all Walk-ins are towering leaders.  Many are working quietly among us today, going about their unsung task of helping us to understand ourselves, to seek inner guidance, and to develop a philosophy that will sustain us through the trying times ahead.

“You may know a Walk-in in your own office, or in your community.  They seldom reveal themselves, because to do so could imperil the good work for which they returned to physical being.

“In fact, you yourself may be a Walk-in! (An electrical current hit my body and jolted me.)  Since the memory pattern of the departing entity survives intact, Walk-ins are sometimes unaware of their altered status for several years after the substitution has been effected.”

I slowly lowered the book to my lap and sat staring into space.  My inner voice said quite clearly, “You are a Walk-in.  You joined this body in 1969 during the pregnancy of your first child.  You have completed the first entity’s karmic contract.  It is time to allow the original entity freedom to return to the soul.  It is time for you to be the sole occupant in the body.  It is time for you to begin accomplishing the larger contract now assigned to this body.”

“I don’t believe this.  What are you talking about?  This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard.  I’ve never heard of such a thing.  I don’t believe this can happen to a person.  You’ve got to be wrong about this.  I know I’ve changed, but lots of people change.  That doesn’t mean I’m not the same person,” I raged at my soul.

But at some level I was intrigued.  If, in fact, such a thing could happen and had indeed happened to me, it would explain so many things.  It would explain the confusion of the past thirteen years.  It would explain the inner conflict.  At that time, I had felt as if I were living in a cocoon, waiting and somehow expecting to become something else.  I kept feeling as if there were somehow more of me than I knew or understood.  I identified, for the first time in my life, with the symbol of the butterfly.  I began to collect butterflies.  I was desperately seeking something, but I didn’t understand what I was searching for.  I felt the church had somehow something to do with what I was looking for, so I spent as much time as possible working at the church and attending services.  I volunteered for everything.

But, if what the author, and seemingly my soul, was suggesting were true, it would explain my ability to suddenly be able to quit taking the Valium.  It would explain my ability to have the strength to leave my husband and children, my home, my security, my extended family, my community responsibilities, despite my intense inner conflict about those choices.  It would explain my burning desire to know the Truth, to understand God, and the Universe.  It would explain why, even though the option was offered, I could not return to Texas to rejoin my ex-husband, my children, and my previous life after my fiancé’s death.  It would explain why the soul had used this method to get me out of my life in Texas and left me alone in Oklahoma.  It would explain why, for the first time in my life, I cut my hair into a pixie cut and became a blonde, when all my life I had worn my hair long and never dyed it.  It would explain my sudden desire to pierce my ears and to stop wearing nail polish.  It would explain my desire to dress in a more colorful, relaxed and less tailored fashion.  It would explain my sudden impulse to travel, to paint, to write, to be a vegetarian, to exercise, to dance, to read and meditate to seek answers, beyond those in the Bible.  It would explain so many things.

But how could this have happened and I not be aware of it?  If this had happened, how could I still remember so many things so clearly and other things about my life (or was it now our life?) be so foggy or have no memory at all?  Why did I not remember where I came from to join this body?  Why did I not remember who I was before and what I was doing before agreeing to come here?  Why did I not remember why I was here?  These questions puzzled me deeply, in light of this new information.  I had no one to talk with except my soul.  I tried, but was unsuccessful, in communicating with Ruth Montgomery through her publisher.

I picked the book up again and began to read further.  The writer explained that the memories are in the cells of the bodies.  She explained that the Walk-in would have access to these memories.  Under normal circumstances the new entity would cohabitate in the body, to familiarize themselves with the movements, beliefs, habits, family, and routine of the original entity.  She explained that in order to qualify to take over a body an entity must agree to complete the karmic contract of the original soul.  Only then, would they be free to use the body for their own mission or contract. 

My soul explained that at the time of my move to Oklahoma, I had now completed the karmic contract of the original entity.

In questioning my soul further it was explained that it was not advantageous, nor thought wise by the soul, to allow the Walk-in to immediately remember where they came from or their reason for taking over the body.  Their larger mission or purpose for coming to Earth would have a tendency to seem too big or too overwhelming to a new Walk-in.  It was necessary and more important for integration into the body that the karmic life of the host be completed first.  It was felt, by the soul, that to remember these things immediately would be even more confusing and would complicate the integration of the new soul “aspect” with the body.   This was the first time I had heard the terminology “aspect” in reference to the soul.  I questioned this terminology.  It was explained to me that the soul aspects are grouped into families of souls called an Oversoul, very much like a spiritual family tree, as in genealogy.  It was suggested that I energetically observe above a person’s head the silver cord and to follow that cord with my inner vision.  When I tried this, I observed that the cord continued beyond this dimension and extended into a place where it connected to another energy.  I observed, as I entered into each dimension, more than one energy was sometimes connected within a given dimension.  As I continued to follow the cord I saw that these points of light, or beings, soul aspects, as my soul was now referencing to them;  were all energetically connected.  My soul explained that each soul aspect is a part of a much larger soul energy family.  Ultimately at a higher level each of these Oversouls are connected and beyond that, all souls are sourced from the Creator God, the Creator of All Universes.  All living things are created by, and are a part of, the One God.

It was explained that each aspect, prior to incarnating, creates a soul contract stating what they wish to attempt or accomplish in any given lifetime.  These contracts reflect what the Oversoul desires to experience, to learn, to accomplish, and to balance karmicly for the entire Oversoul.   Often groups of aspects from one Oversoul will incarnate during the same time frame to assist each other, or to accomplish a group mission.  It was revealed, that in the cells of our bodies we not only store the memories of this life, but the memories of all the lives of all the members of our Oversoul.  My guidance relayed it was similar to an enormous video library in the DNA.  It was explained this is why several people, who might be regressed to see their past lives, might all believe they had been some famous figure in history.  They would all be right, even though this does not compute to our linier, left-brain, logical thinking, or our concept of linier time.   All members of one Oversoul would hold the composite memory of each incarnation.  It was further explained that we are all jointly responsible for balancing the karma created by our Oversoul family.  I wondered as I heard this, “Is this relational to the ‘sins of the father being passed down for generations’, as in the Bible?”  It was explained that a person might agree to come to Earth to balance karma for the Oversoul that they had not personally, physically participated in creating in a previous life.  But through desire to serve the soul family, they would take on such a responsibility.

It was further suggested, by my soul, that I read Ruth Montgomery’s ALIENS AMONG US, which was even more “far out” in my opinion at the time.  At that time, I had no belief or experience with extra-terrestrials.  (How I came to remember and participate with extraterrestrials will be related in future lessons:  FIRST EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENCOUNTER and PRIOR TO EARTH MEMORY.)

I also read THRESHOLD TO TOMORROW by Ruth Montgomery, in which she interviewed some known Walk-ins.  In this volume she tells about the present lives and accomplishments of several Walk-ins.  I noticed, in her book, one of the Walk-ins lived in Oklahoma.  She had just published a book of her own Walk-in experience.  I ordered the book and eagerly read her story.  Her book MESSENGERS OF HOPE, by Carol W. Parrish-Harra is available from The Village Bookstore, P. O. Box 1274, Tahlequah, OK 74465.

I related in many ways to Carol’s story, there were similarities in our backgrounds.  She had been a banker.  She had been married to a firefighter.  She was a mother.  She was now living in Oklahoma.  I went to visit her and her community near Tahlequah, OK.  I was impressed by her knowledge and by what had been created through her and her husband.  But when I met her, I could not connect to her personality. I suffered another extreme disappointment.  I was hoping to find someone I could talk with about my experience, someone with whom I could relate.  I felt even more alone and confused.   I continued to communicate with my soul, which was why I was not finding people with whom I could communicate third dimensionally.  It forced me to communicate more directly with my soul.  I later learned, during this period of my development, perfecting my ability to communicate with my soul and developing soul trust was mandatory to my future growth.

Once I became more used to the idea of being a Walk-in, and the original aspect successfully returned to the soul, I found no real need to mention to anyone that I was a Walk-in.  It is, in my opinion, not relevant.  We are all here with missions.  The important thing is to get on with our missions, not so much to dwell on who we were before, where we came from, or how we got here.  My only reason for writing this information and including it is for the purpose of clarification for other Walk-ins and to explain the concept in more detail.

It is my understanding from Spirit, once a person makes a decision that they no longer want to live, whether they deliberately attempt to take their life or not, they become a candidate to become a Walk-in.  A Walk-in never happens without the consent, at the soul level, of both aspects of the Oversoul.  The aspect, who is depressed or desires to leave the life, is observed by the Oversoul.  In the beginning of the process, a higher vibrational aspect will overlight the body in order for the entity to have more energy, with which to accomplish the original contract.  This additional energy sometimes will make it possible for them to restore their desire to deal with the life circumstances, which previously seemed overwhelming, conflicting or unsurmountable.  If this additional energy does not help the entity to cope, does not “rescue” them from their desire to leave, additional measures are then taken.  Often times this temporary overlighting solves the depression and strengthens the person’s will to continue in the life.  When the Oversoul feels the aspect is stable the additional energy is withdrawn and the life continues according to the original plan.  If, however, the original aspect does not stabilize, the second energy stays and plans are made at the level of the Oversoul, for either a “soul merger”, “soul braiding” or “soul exchange” (Walk-in) to take place.  Ultimately a decision may be made to use the body as a “composite”.

Each case is different.  When a “soul merger” occurs, both aspects of the Oversoul remain in the body.  The original personality agrees to sublimate to the higher vibrational energy aspect that has come to overlight, rescue the body.  The in-coming entity becomes the dominant force in the body.  The first aspect does not leave the body.  They agree to merge their resources and continue the karmic contract.  The first entity stays to assist with the larger contract, which has been agreed to at the level of the Oversoul by the Walk-in.  In these cases the souls braid their consciousness together.  There is no Walk-out.

In the case of the “soul exchange”, the Walk-in, the rescuing soul aspect always comes from the same Oversoul and there is always a Walk-out, when the original soul aspect returns to the Oversoul for reassignment. 

In the case of “soul merger” and “soul braiding” there is no “Walk-out”.  Occasionally after a Walk-in has successfully merged with a body and integrated, and the first aspect has successfully returned to the Oversoul, further decisions will be made at the level of the Oversoul with the soul aspect in the body.  One of the possible decisions is for additional aspects from the Oversoul to occasionally overlight the body to teach, to write, to perform or to accomplish artwork or inventions.  In other situations it is agreed that several entities will combine their energies to integrate into the Walk-in body to accomplish a larger mission, planned by the Spiritual Hierarchy.  When a Walk-in agrees to be used by the Spiritual Hierarchy as a “composite”, additional aspects merge with the body over a longer period of time.  Each merger usually takes from six months to a year.  Each aspect relinquishes its personality and merges only its energy, consciousness and talents into the host body.  The body is then capable of being utilized by a “group mind”.  A “group mind” is a group of beings, within the Spiritual Hierarchy, who have an interest in one chosen field of expertise.   An assigned Ascended Master from the Spiritual Hierarchy sponsors the body with energy and knowledge.  An Ascended Master is a being who has advanced spiritually to the point they are no longer are required to reincarnate into a physical body.  They serve humanity from a higher dimension, influencing energetically, telepathically and intuitively the events taking place on Earth with humanity’s permission.  Because of the Universal Laws of Free Will and Non-Interference one level of life, or species, is not allowed by spiritual law to intervene in the evolution of another level of life or species without permission from a member of that species.  More and more Walk-ins, in my experience, are agreeing to become composite vehicles.  This allows externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist in the evolution of Earth and humanity.

After many years of serving as a channel for the Hierarchy and members of the Federation I agreed to become a composite.  Periodically through the years I have undergone additional soul mergings.

In later years, I met another woman named Juelle, who published her story in a book entitled THE WALK-IN, which is available from BookPartners, Inc, P. O. Box 922, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070.  I met a therapist who wrote a book called FROM SIRIUS TO EARTH: A Therapist Discovers A Soul Exchange by Evelyn Fuqua, Ph.D. available through Oughten House Publishers 1-888-673-3748.  I have not read the series of books written in the 1960’s by Lobsang Rampa, but I understand they include information about the concept of Walk-ins.  A woman named Liz Nelson, contacted me several years after I became aware I was a Walk-in.  Liz, through Spirit’s suggestion, started an organization called Walk-ins for Evolution, WE International.  Liz has since left the planet, but the organization still exists. 

If you feel you are a Walk-in, know someone who is, or wish to meet other Walk-Ins, you may contact WE International on the Internet or do a search on the word “Walk-in”.


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