Mystery School of Remembering


Lesson Three
By bj King



Lesson Contents



Do you have trouble focusing? Trouble losing weight? Have headaches the doctors can't explain? Feel crazy occasionally? Get so emotional you can't function without an obvious reason? You may be suffering from being empathic.

At birth we have a tendency to be energetically like little amoebas. We have unstructured borders to our energy fields. We move our energy fields in and around the energy fields of other people in order to check out how they are feeling. We do this instinctively in order to know how to get what we want, in order to be safe, or in order to comprehend that which is around us. We become "empathic".
To be "empathic" is to consciously or unconsciously project oneself into the consciousness of another human being, at the emotional or energetic level, in order to have sympathetic or empathic understanding of the other human being.
As we grow older some people learn other methods of defense, verbal understanding or soul communication in order to get the needed information.
Many people remain empathic, never knowing if the pains and emotions in their bodies are theirs or belong to the people they have encountered. They remain ignorant that they are even picking up feelings and emotions from others and believe that all this confusion and turmoil is their own.

We are never in control of our own feelings as long as we continue to be either consciously or unconsciously empathic. An empathic person finds it very difficult to understand where they stop and other people begin. They have a tendency to allow their boundaries to be invaded by other people.
They do not even understand the concept of personal boundaries. When a person is unconsciously empathic it is difficult for them to have a good self-image. Their self-image is controlled by the thoughts other people have about them. They do not have a clear impression of selfhood and "others". When a person is unconsciously empathic the gift of being able to read other people empathically becomes more of a curse than a gift.

When I meet a psychic person who is reading others by being empathic, they are often resistant to the idea of giving up being empathic, believing this is their "gift" and that they must remain empathic in order to fulfill their destiny. If they are willing to trust their souls they can reprogram themselves to receive necessary information about their clients by being consciously multi-dimensional rather than empathic. It does however take discipline to change our way of being energetically. When I use the word discipline many people hear the word punishment. To be disciplined is to care enough about yourself to do what is to your highest good; it is a form of self-love, self-respect.

When a person is empathic they respond emotionally, usually with tears, when large amounts of spiritual energy enters their bodies, during readings or meditations. This causes discomfort for them and for their client and is not necessary.

Being empathic is against spiritual law, is intrusive and self-sabotaging.
In being empathic we are picking up information from others and carrying it for them, or acting it out for them, unconsciously. It is difficult to differentiate between what are our feelings and emotions and the emotions of others.
If you have been consciously or unconsciously empathic it is time to give up this means of accessing information about others.
Being empathic causes many people to be overweight, excessively emotional or to become addicted to substances, because of being overly sensitive. When the body has no boundaries to the emotional body, the physical body tries to become the size of the emotional body. This feeling of being out of control emotionally leads to excessive eating, in order to try to feel in control or to feel grounded. We erroneously try to create a physical barrier between ourselves and other people, since we have no emotional boundary.

It is also possible, when we are not in control of our energy bodies to attract astral plane entities that want to feed off of our excess emotional energy.
Entities who die in a state of addiction cannot feed their addiction once they no longer have physical bodies. They will seek to join the body of someone who is practicing their behavior of choice, whether that be over eating, smoking or using drugs, sex or alcohol in order to feel in our bodies or in order to feel grounded.

If you are concerned that you have entities attached to you or someone you know never try to confront an astral entity. You have the power to exorcise these energies or entities by using the following prayer:

Through the power vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness I deliberately call forth the Arch Angel Michael and the Band of Mercy to remove all negative entities and energies from this (body, machine, building, car, house,
person) and ask that the energies and entities be taken into the Light that they may continue to grow and prosper. You may or may not choose to tone the sound OM or AUM at this point to increase the positive energy around you. Amen, Amen, Amen. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

If we choose to act responsibly energetically it is time for us to give up being empathic in favor of being deliberately multi-dimensional. To do this we have to rewrite our software, our program to only seek Oversoul communication with our own Oversoul and to deliberately program ourselves to communicate with others from our Oversoul to their Oversoul. This form of communication by passes the emotional body. When we need information about another person we can communicate with our Oversouls, and if it is ours to know, our Oversoul will communicate with the Oversoul of the other person and the information or awareness we need will come into us in the form of intuition or knowingness.

If we agree to communicate in this way, when our soul disconnects from the other person's soul, we are not left with any feelings, diseases or emotions that rightfully belong to the other person. In this form of communication we also by pass what is called the morphonogenic field of thought that has built up over time between us and people with whom we are familiar. This field operates like a rut that develops over a period of time between people who communicate often, such as spouses, lovers, children or parents. When one person speaks to the other the energy of information goes through the rut and the responsive party already believes they know what the speaker is going to say. They "hear" it in the way they have always heard as warped by the rut. If we go directly to our soul to communicate with their soul the words we speak will have a different energy and we may be actually "heard"
for the first time. Their soul gives us intuitive awareness of analogies and verbiage that will gain their attention.

The body is a bio-magnetic computer system for the soul. It can be reprogrammed with new software. The new software is installed by intention.. We can cease to be unconsciously empathic by deliberately grounding ourselves each morning, by installing intentional balloons or cushions of energy around ourselves, and by having an intention to communicate telepathically or through direct knowingness (rather than
empathically) with the Oversouls of those we encounter The more open we become energetically, the more information we will pick up from our environment and each other. In order to avoid picking up information unintentionally it is useful to practice the following grounding exercise to reprogram our body, mind and spirit. If we change our method of communication we can choose to pick up information only when that is our intention rather than randomly.

Grounding Exercise
This exercise will take approximately two minutes each morning. If you catch yourself behaving empathically during the day, stop and redo the process.

In a standing position, take a deep breath and focus on the soles of your feet. As you exhale, deliberately intention beams of energy about the size of fluorescent light bulbs (or Luke Skywalker's light saber) going from the soles of your feet into the central core energy of the Mother Earth. (Or see yourself as a tree with roots going into the center of the Earth.)

Take another deep breath and as you exhale focus on your heart, deliberately opening your heart in love and appreciation to the Earth, to your physical body, and to your Oversoul (God, the sky, the Universal Life Force Energy, or whatever vision works for you.)

Take another deep breath and as you exhale open the crown of your head and deliberately send a beam of energy, about the size of a fluorescent light tube into the Cosmic Christ Consciousness level of your own Oversoul. (Send the beam of energy to the Sun or to God, or whatever image works for you.)

Continuing to breathe deeply begin to swing your arms gently at your sides to and fro, back and front, as if you are pumping energy up from the Earth.

When you feel the energy begin to flow, change your focus to above your head and begin to pump energy down from your Oversoul. As you pump, you want to also intention pumping up balloons of energy around your body. The first balloon is white and is about 12 feet in all directions from the body, the second balloon, which is pink and inside the first, is about 8 feet in all directions from the body. The third balloon is purple and is about four feet in all directions from the body. The purple balloon becomes your personal energy supply, impenetrable by others. The white and pink energy fields are excess energy, which you can afford to share with others. Very few people eon the planet are spiritually adept enough to penetrate your personal energy field if you use this system.

This process will take about two minutes each morning and begins to create a cocoon or barrier of protection between yourself and other people and other dimensions, other than the information coming directly to you from your soul.
It removes the static. It also protects you from astral plane interference and possible possession by astral entities.


As psychics or mystics it is spiritually inappropriate to invade the thought forms or psychic space of another individual without being specifically invited by that person. To deliberately tune in to other people, without being asked, is equivalent to opening another person's mail, eavesdropping or listening in to the party line of a telephone. As we become more and more open it is important for us to control our own energy space (and thoughts) and to not impinge on the energy space of other people. 
When we move in the direction of not being empathic and only getting information about a person or situation, by requesting that our Oversoul communicate with their Oversoul, we are following spiritual protocol. We are not to offer unsolicited spiritual advice, nor are we to alter the energy field of another person in any way, without being asked by them or without first asking permission of their soul. To do this infringes on a person's free will, which is against spiritual law.

In our zealousness, when we first begin to open up to Spirit, we have a tendency to share all of our impressions and the information we receive or perceive with other people, whether it is solicited or not. When we begin to be aware that healing energies are flowing through our bodies, we have a tendency to want to share this gift with everyone we meet, who is suffering in any way.
When we first learn a new spiritual tool, again in our enthusiastic state, we have a tendency to want to practice it on everyone we meet. We may justify our actions by thinking that this is to their highest good. We have no idea (unless we have checked this in the Akashic Records) why this person is having this experience and what the relevance of this experience is to their spiritual growth. Therefore we are interfering with spiritual law, if we do not wait to be asked to intercede on that person's behalf, even with prayer.

Just because we know something about another person does not mean we should speak it, it may be premature for them to know or may be emotionally distressing for them to know. Wait to be asked, do not volunteer. I observe many spiritual workers seeking to do readings, healings and procedures for people, rather than waiting to be approached by individuals whose souls are directing them to have sessions through specific individuals. I see this being done sometimes from enthusiasm and sometimes because the reader or healer is suffering financial insecurity. Certain individuals are more suited than others at a given time, through which certain energies and information's can be given and received. Therefore a person needs to wait to be intuitively guided to a certain individual through whom he feels his soul is guiding him to receive information or healing. If a person does not wait for his intuition, but seeks advice from every psychic or healer he encounters he will become increasingly more confused, rather than more clear about his direction.

A reader or practitioner needs to have enough integrity and discernment to know if, when an individual approaches them, they are the correct person who is supposed to read or interact with the candidate seeking help. A reading should never be done solely because you need the money. If you refer the person to the appropriate practitioner (and you will be intuitively guided to know who they should see) then wait, you will be sent more clients than you have time to work with, because of your integrity. Competition between spiritual practitioners is always inappropriate.

To be within spiritual law it is recommended that we seek to receive information only from our own Oversouls and to ask our Oversouls to contact the Oversouls of other people. We will then be given the knowledge of what is appropriate, and what we have permission to ask for the person. We will also be told if we can pass on information to them, which we are receiving from their Oversoul. Never tell your client that you are receiving information, but you are not being allowed to give them the information at this time. Do not mention this information at all.

It is spiritual law for us to become aware that every creation is sponsored and supported by specific Devic Presences and to seek to be in communication with that Presence when we desire to change the conditions of a structure, person, plant, animal, etc. This includes getting permission from our "body intelligence" or the "body intelligence" of another person, if we or they, are going to have surgery of any kind or an activation or healing.

Spiritual Guardians are assigned to groups, structures, organizations, portals and places where deliberate vortexes of energy have been set in motion.
Such as a meditation group will be assigned a Spiritual Guardian in addition to the Over-lighting Devic Presence of the place where the meditation group meets.
A deliberate vortex of energy will become established where a group meditates regularly. There is a Spiritual Guardian of an organization such as a Mystery School like Astara in Upland, California. This Mystery School is sponsored by the energies of the Spiritual Guardian Master Zoser, sometimes spelled Djoser. A religion, such as Unity or Religious Science will have a Spiritual Guardian, or Group Mind Guardian assigned to the organization as well as each church building may have an individual Spiritual Guardian or Over-lighting Devic
Presence. The Master Jesus, the Master Dwjal Kuhl, the Master Kuthumi and
the Master Saint Germain are sponsoring the Namaste Mystery School of Remembering.

The Hierarchy of the Universe is complex, but it can be learned. The more we allow ourselves to be open to learn the correct rituals, procedures and structures, the more powerful our meditations and life will become. The more conscious we become the more we can be used by our Oversouls, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the Angels, the Intergalactic Federation to serve our souls, the Earth, the Universe, God.

If we observe protocol by having mental intention, when we enter a structure, by asking to communicate with the Over-lighting Devic Presence and the Spiritual Guardian, we will be in harmony. If we do not observe with mental intention and ritual we will be out of harmony with the structure and with the protectors of the property. This also holds true for our homes and places of business. If we acknowledge the Over-lighting Devic Presence of our homes it will feel harmonious to us and to other people who enter it, if we do not it will not feel as comfortable. If we honor the Devic Presences who hold the forms for our plants to grow, they will grow well, or tell us what they need, whether these plants are indoors or out.

If we enter a sacred site, to do any change to the energy of the site, we should acknowledge the Guardian of the site by turning our bodies three times to the left as we would unlock a door. This acknowledges to the Guardian that we are in a state of respect and awareness or their authority.
When we leave the site we should again turn our body three times to the left to reseal the energy field of the site.

Much of this information was taught in the ancient Mystery Schools and only handfuls of people were allowed to have access to the information and rituals.
Because of the power that the knowledge causes to be available, it has been guarded until humanity evolved to be trusted to be responsible. The same holds true with knowledge of Universal Law, knowledge of the Rays, knowledge of Angels (in all their forms including Devas) and an under-standing of the Oversoul, the Intergalactic Federation, and the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet, galaxy and Universe.

If we hold the intention of harmlessness and an intention to use information given to us spiritually with integrity, rather than for self gain, self aggrandizement, or to impress others; we will be given more and more information.
If we misuse the information given to us, by sharing it inappropriately or using it to gain power over another person physically or mentally, our gifts and access will be revoked, very much like a library card would be revoked if a person were abusing their use of the library.

A person who asks for and receives access to the Akashic Records will be given probationary access to limited amounts of information, until they have proven themselves spiritually trustworthy to have access to a broader range of information. One might think again of the idea of a library (although that is not my experience of how these records or stored). A novice reader would be given a password or library card, which allowed them access to the first floor of the library, where limited amounts of information, which is relatively easy to understand, are stored. As the person grows spiritually and uses the information with discretion and disseminates what they learned appropriately, they are given passwords progressively, that will take them into levels, which reveal more and more complex information.

We are always given information from Spirit on a "need to know basis". When our ego demands to know information, out of curiosity, which is not ours to know, this information is seldom accurately forth coming. If a person persists, they may begin to access realms other than their own Oversoul, and information may be (allowed by the soul) given, which is either not accurate or is misleading by entities who are mischievous or malevolent. The Oversoul allows this in order to bring forth a circumstance, which will give the person an opportunity for a much-needed spiritual lesson in discernment.
Trust me this is not a fun experience. I speak from past personal experience, which is how I learned what I know about protocol and to ask only one question of the soul at all


If we learn to live with this question we will always have the information we need in the moment. It is best to communicate only with your own Oversoul, to accept information on a need to know basis and to use and disseminate that which we are given with discretion. It is best to focus on our own path and to ask for information, which would be positively useful to us. Then if we feel intuitively (not by our ego) led to publish or share the information we've been given, a way to do so will be provided through divine right action.

If we worked in a large corporation as the mail clerk, we would not send each request we had directly to the office of the President or Chairman of the Board, we would speak with our immediate supervisor. We would therefore, get a quick and easy to understand answer, which would be relevant to our position and in a language suited to our level of understanding. In my understanding and experience the same holds true for the relationship between the various departments of the order of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Universe.

It is useful to develop a relationship with the highest level of our souls, through the vibration of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness that our physical bodies can tolerate at this time. In developing that relationship, that level of our Oversoul can become our gatekeeper, our spirit guide, or our receptionist and take messages from other spirits that might desire to interact with us.
If we develop this relationship we can always trust the information we receive.
Our gatekeeper can translate or interface with other spirits and we are not constantly trying to sort through the various messages we might encounter or having to challenge each spirit that approaches us to see if they are of the Light.

After twenty years of interacting with my soul, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactic Federation, Angels and even recently dead spirits, I offer you this information based on my experience and opinions and in no way do I offer it as anything other than my own truth. You should always test all information you read or hear through your own discernment. If you do not feel you have discernment, pray for it. Discernment is a spiritual gift and can be gifted to you by your soul, if you request it. It is important to remember the soul, Angels, God are not able to over ride The Universal Law of Freewill to help us
unless we first ask and give permission for their intervention.

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