bj does Oversoul to Oversoul communications between her Christ Consciousness Self and that of her client, to bring through the client’s contract for this lifetime. She has access to the Akashic records. She is a conscious channel who also allows sounds and healing energies to move through her to perform initiations and activations when appropriate for the client.

Readings are only scheduled by phone. Call 405-773-5210. The session lasts for one hour and the client receives the reading by email. The cost is $160.00. I communicate with my soul and my soul communicates with the client’s Oversoul. The information in the reading comes from their soul. I do not read the energy field, thought forms or emotions. I am not a medium. I do not contact recently dead beings. The information is generally focused on the client’s purpose for this incarnation and suggestions are made by their soul about how to best proceed. I do have access to the Akashic Record and the client’s incarnational contract for their current life. The client is allowed to ask questions.

bj King
P. O. Box 22174
Oklahoma City, OK 73123

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